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Six Impossible Things

Alice Kingsley claimed that she sometimes believed six impossible things before breakfast. By doing so, she had great adventures, far beyond the limitations and possibilities set out for her by other people’s beliefs.

In Tim Burton’s fantastic re-make of the classic Alice in Wonderland story, Alice is portrayed as a ingénue who is caught between two worlds: the staid expectations and beliefs of her Victorian era social structure (as lived and endorsed by her family), and the world of the possible, as taught and demonstrated by her late father, a man with visions of grandeur and adventure in far-off lands.

We each have this same tug-of-war inside of us. Our biology drives us in two directions at once: toward the secure, same, and known on the one hand, and toward the new, novel, and unknown on the other. We live inside this tension, and we make our lives work – or not – by how we deal with these opposite forces within us.

Why is it important to believe in six impossible things before breakfast? Because belief in the impossible creates the possible. Every great invention was once an impossible dream. Every great adventurer was once a crazy dreamer. Martin Luther King believed that there could be peace between the races. Impossible. John F. Kennedy believed that we could land a man on the moon within ten years. Impossible. A few German citizens believed that the Berlin Wall could be brought down. Impossible.

In Burton’s new film, Alice is a teenager who has lost her “muchness” by the time she encounters the White Rabbit. In the midst of her family’s and society’s expectations, she has lost her self-possession, independence, and belief in controlling her own life. When she falls down the hole and enters Wonderland, she regains her ability to believe and imagine the impossible. She remembers her True Self, and re-gains her ability to create from nothing (which is where all true creation comes from). Doing so, she become a heart-based hero, choosing her own path, making her own dreams come true.

Have you lost your ability to believe the impossible? To dream impossible dreams?

Don’t give up hope. You can restore your own ability to live your own Truth. Begin by removing the overlay of other people’s expectations and dreams for you. Eliminate the beliefs you have been indoctrinated with. They keep you small and limited. Decide what you want to create, without limitations. You may encounter people who do not want you to become your full and glorious self. They are afraid you will abandon them. They are afraid of being reminded of their own limitations. Leave them behind as you blaze your trail forward. Set torches along the way, so they can follow later, if they dare.

Those in power do not want you to remember your infinite capacity. You might become difficult to control with their weapons of mass distraction, fear and lack. You will not find much support for believing or doing the impossible. Walk away from those who would kill your dream. People who do so dedicate their lives to proving the dream-killers wrong: Olympic snowboarder Sean White with his Double McTwist; Candidate Barak Obama in the last Presidential election; James Cameron with his breakthrough movie Avatar, who pushed technological limits to create impossible beauty.

You can achieve your own brand of glory — if you will but believe. I speak as one who has done so, having believed myself into many impossible successes, including numerous money “miracles” that produced hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is work involved in creating the impossible. Magic isn’t created by saying affirmations or believing in the Law of Attraction. It does starts with a belief — but then the real work begins. You must remove all of the limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious. You must muscle the energies down through the chakras from crown (thought) to ground (actions). The art of manifestation begins with an idea, a vision, a belief in the impossible, but it doesn’t end there. Alice has to do battle with the nasty Jabberwocky. Martin Luther King did battle with both police and the public. Presidents do battle with politicians on the other side of the aisle. There is no “free ride” to manifesting the impossible. But it doesn’t cost anything to begin.

What six impossible things can you believe before breakfast?

Lion Goodman is the creator of The BeliefCloset Process, a methodology for permanently eliminating negative and limiting beliefs from your life, and utilizing new empowering beliefs for creating your dream life. He teaches this methodology to therapists, coaches, and facilitators of transformation through monthly teleclasses. He also teaches his manifestation workshop, “Creation is Ecstasy!,” with his partner, author Anodea Judith, on both coasts. For a limited time, you can download a free copy of the BeliefCloset Process by signing up for his BeliefCloset Jump-Start Kit on his website:

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