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Are You Ready for a VA?

I’m A New Coach. How Would a VA Assist Me?

This is one of our most common questions and one of the biggest problems that new coaches have to face. Throughout coach training, you heard that you need a VA to help you with your new practice. However, you didn’t understand what that meant. Maybe the following questions crossed your mind:

  1. How do I get my coaching business up and running with a VA? Or without?
  2. What would a VA be looking for from me? Am I ready for a VA?
  3. What do I want from my VA? What should I be looking for?
  4. What other systems, applications, or processes do I need?
  5. Will a VA be worth my money and time investment right now?

In this article, we will explore Question #2.

What Would a VA Be Looking For From Me? Am I Ready for a VA?

THINK ABOUT YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIPS: Look at your friends and family members that you cherish. What types of people are they? What about them is attractive to you? If you had to describe their qualities to someone else, what would you say? On the flip side, what do your friends and family say about your qualities that are attractive? If they had to say only one good thing about you what would it be? Remember that YOUR ideal VA will be attracted to you if presented correctly.

Have you ever watched the show “Bringing Home Baby”? Well, the new parents are chronicled as they make the transition into parenthood, bringing home their new baby. The first week of their life is shared across America from their joy down to their sleepless nights. Those of us who are mothers know that no one can truly be ‘ready’ for a new baby. Each one is slightly different. The same is true about being ready for a VA. You could have the funds to afford a VA and not be ready to handle the relationship. Or you could be ready for the relationship but not able to afford the commitment.


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