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Creating Raving Fans: It All Starts With Exquisite Self Care

As a coach or service provider, there are two ways to live in this world.

The first is with you “on your list” and dare I say, at the top of your list; practicing exquisite self-care and giving of the overflow of your time, energy and spirit, to yourself and others?

The second, and most common, is when you are NOT anywhere to be found “on your list.”  Or maybe, at the very least, you’re at the bottom of a very long line of expectations, responsibilities and other people to take care of.  It is here, in this spot, that you are giving of the fumes and sputtering through life on empty.   This feels like overwhelm, hard work, and exhaustion.

I’m guessing the first option feels like “that’s too good to be true,” while the second option is closer to reality.  You’re not alone.  Most coaches love helping others so much that they forget to take care of themselves. Many actually feel guilty for taking time for themselves.

Sound familiar?

This is a result of living from what I call the “Either/Or” mindset.  Either I take care of everyone else (which means I’m not taking care of me) OR I’m taking care of me (which means I must not be taking care of everyone else like I’m supposed to).  This Either/Or mindset is based on the paradigm of sacrifice. If I win, someone else loses.  It is this Either/Or mindset that keeps you paralyzed in the rat race of your life; because as a coach, taking care of others is a core characteristic that is part of your genetic make up.

When you travel on a plane and the flight attendants are doing their safety demonstrations and they get to the part about the oxygen mask, what do they tell you to do? “Place your mask on you FIRST, before assisting the child or person next to you.” Why do they say that?  Because if you don’t place it on yourself FIRST, you won’t even be around to help the people next to you!  The same is true with your business.  Yet, you are running around helping everyone else with their oxygen masks while holding your breath, hoping you don’t die.

The “Both/And” mindset allows you to place your mask on you first AND to also take care of everyone (clients, family, etc), and everything (business activities, marketing, family obligations, community obligations, etc.) around you.  With Both/And, you create a win-win-win for everyone involved, including  you.  And that is the key, “including  yourself.”  Your top item on your to-do list becomes taking exquisite care of you so you have an overflow to give to others.  As you practice exquisite self-care, you continue to fill yourself up from the inside out, and no longer need external “fixes” to provide temporary relief.  You have an abundance to ensure your own health and well-being, as well as more than enough to contribute to your family, your business, and your passionate causes.

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