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1+1=11 The Quickest Way to Build Your List and Expand Your Reach

You’ve seen this formula from us before.  Yes, we know it’s not “correct” as it pertains to mathematics.  But it is the key formula to know when it comes to coaching more clients and to extending your ripple effect.

Getting more clients begins with expanding your reach.  What tools or relationships are you using to help to expand your reach to new audiences?  Or are you simply saying the same thing over and over to your same audience?

Of course, getting new clients can successfully be done on your own.  But why work that hard?  A more effective and a more fun way to do so is through leveraging relationships as a means to get your message to more people.  Aligning with strategic partners, colleagues, and affiliates places you in front of their audience.  When you align with the right people, even if you only have a mailing list of 100, you are instantly in front of hundreds or thousands of people.  The more people you reach, the more people have the opportunity to say “yes” to what you are offering. It’s a simple law of numbers, even if the math is a bit weird.

Key #1: Knowing what relationships to leverage.  You don’t want to collaborate with just anyone. You want to make sure they are in alignment with your message, reach the same target audience as you, and are as fierce about building their business as you are about building yours.

Key #2: Identifying the right strategies for engaging the relationship. Whew, that was a mouthful.  Before you approach a colleague, business or strategic partner, you want to be clear on the strategy you’ll implement once you decide to collaborate together.

Do this with me: Wad up a piece of paper. Now, close your eyes and throw the wad of paper across the room. Did you reach your goal?  You have no idea.  And without being clear on a successful strategy to implement with your strategic partner, you’ll have no idea whether or not you hit your goal. This is a common mistake that often leads to wasting precious time, to increasing frustration and to client lists not growing.

Key #3: Make it easy and fun for your partners.  If it ain’t simple and easy, it won’t happen.  Another common mistake is to assume, or worse, hope that your colleagues will do the work for you when it comes to sharing your message with their audiences. The easier and more fun you can make it for them to pass along your information, the better the impact. You’ll see your database grow. You’ll see an increase in your revenue. You’ll have the opportunity to work with more clients.

These 3 keys begin to make sense out of the weird math of the 1+1=11 equation.  Alone, you can only do so much, reach so far and communicate with only so many people. Leveraging relationships using these 3 keys allows you to turn the power of 1 into the power of 11.  Why wouldn’t you want to have more fun building your business, spreading your message and making the impact you are meant to make?

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