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3 Steps to Enroll New Clients Like a Pro (and how to avoid the dreaded "I changed my mind" drama)

Guest Post from Bill Barren

Helping people master the enrollment conversation and sign up new clients is one of the things I most enjoy doing. Today, I’d like to share with you 3 simple steps that can make a huge shift in the success of your one-on-one consultations.

But first, tell me if this has ever happened to you…

A potential client says “Yes” to your high-value services during your consultation, but changes their mind a few days later!

I know from experience, you go from the jubilation of getting a new client to huge disappointment.

Because that used to happen to me, I was so distraught that I set an intention to find a way to make sure this never happened anymore.

The key I discovered: Make sure to end a consultation by getting the new client started right away with your services, because this is the moment when the person is the most motivated to work with you. Once they’re engaged, they’ll keep going.

Here is my simple 3-step process for getting your client started right away, so they don’t have the temptation to bow out.

Step 1 – I schedule our appointments for the first month. Once our work together is in their calendar, it makes it more real for them.

Step 2 – I get their credit card payment information on the phone, right on the spot. Because if you wait until they send you a check or contract, it gives them lots of space to think about it and start to dither. This one can be challenging, so I’ll talk about it more in a moment.

Step 3 – I tell them I’m going to send them a welcome packet with the forms they’ll use in our coaching together, and they’ll also get a short agreement to sign and send back to me. I ask them to send everything in in the next day or two.

So, which of these 3 steps causes the biggest problem?

It’s Step 2 (getting the client’s credit card information) – this is where I see a lot of business owners go wrong.

I want to take a look at this because I don’t see a lot of people talk about it.

Many service-oriented business owners are not able to accept credit cards (or debit cards) because they’re not sure how. And I have to admit, it’s not super obvious. But if you don’t take this step, it may actually be something that’s significantly holding your business back.

For example, when I used to only take checks, it would delay my clients’ ability to make a commitment (and sometimes give them time to back out). I also kind of felt a little like my business wasn’t fully professional yet, in the eyes of my prospective clients. It also made receiving fees from clients a lot more work, for them and for me.

If you follow my 3-step process above, including making it easy for your clients to pay you, you’ll end your consultation with a professional, organized process for getting started, and clients will feel like they’re in good hands.

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