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4 Important Messages from Unsubscribes

By Newsletter and Email Marketing Expert Linda Claire Puig

Rejection is never easy to deal with. It just doesn’t feel good. And unsubscribes are, indeed, a form of rejection.

However, inside every unsubscribe is a hidden message that may hold important information for you about your business. Here are 4 important ones:

  1. You’re not “getting” me. This could mean two things. It could be that you aren’t clear about what your audience needs and wants from you. Spend some time discovering more about your list, such as what keeps them up at night and what are their biggest dreams for their lives.

    If, however, you are perfectly clear on your audience and sending relevant, valuable information that addresses their needs and wants, then the other possibility is that you are not the right professional for them. They are not your tribe because you are not their chief. Nothing personal, it’s just not the right connection.

  2. I’m not getting enough value from you. If you only send promotions — always asking and taking, and not giving — or if you hide out and don’t send much of anything, anytime, you are not giving your subscribers a reason to stay.
  3. Don’t assume. People unsubscribe for MANY reasons, and you’ll never know precisely what most of those are. Among those reasons could be a sudden change in family circumstances, a career shift, even death. Don’t assume that all unsubscribes are a rejection of you or that you are doing something wrong. NOT assuming is an important skill for sales conversations, too!
  4. I don’t remember you or why you’re emailing me. This typically means you have not been emailing frequently enough, or you’ve started skipping issues. This is why it’s so important to follow up immediately and regularly when someone subscribes to your list, so there’ll never be any doubt about who you are or why they signed up for your newsletters in the first place.

Notice that among these hidden messages, I have not listed, “You’re sending too much email.” That’s because complaints about frequency are mostly about value and relevancy. If you’re sending relevant information to your subscribers that they perceive as valuable, frequency will almost never come into the equation.

For example, I have received a number of sweet emails from my own subscribers letting me know that as they act to reduce the volume of email in their inbox, my newsletter is NOT on the chopping block, even though I’m an assertive marketer. That’s because they VALUE the content I send and it is relevant to their goals and objectives.

By the same token, those who DO unsubscribe from my list, do not value what I send ENOUGH to stick around. I ask constantly, and I suggest you do the same, “What can I do to bring more value to my subscribers so that they WANT to stick around, so that they LOVE getting my emails?”

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