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We Make Your Back End Sexy… The Back End Of Your Business That Is!

What is sexy about being a coach?

  • Being of service to others
  • Making an impact on the world
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Doing what you love

Those are among the common responses we hear from coaches just getting into coaching and starting their coaching business. They love coaching, are excellent at helping others and love the idea of making a positive impact on other people’s lives. Sign me up! Oh wait, I already did!

And after the coach training is over and the skills of coaching have been learned and mastered, there is this moment when it is time to graduate, go get clients and make money as a coach. {insert loud organ and daunting music here}

And then the sexy seems to vanish. Sure, when you first start out and people ask, “what do you do?,” and you reply enthusiastically with, “I’m a coach,” and their deer-in-the-headlight look says, “that must be really rewarding” (although you get the sense they don’t have any idea what you do). But after not getting any clients, people saying “no” or just ignoring you, you begin to feel pushy, nagging and like you have to work hard to convince people.

So what is sexy about starting, organizing and managing a coaching business?
NOTHING – unless you love processes, systems, consistent activity and administrative tasks. Okay maybe two things – you love coaching clients and you love making money.

Being a great coach is one thing. Being a great coach running a coaching business is something entirely different. And if you want to create a steady stream of clients and constant cash flow, you must treat them both equally as important!

I (Melinda) think there is nothing sexier than (I know I’m weird and among the few):

  • Knowing in advance every tiny step in “how” to deliver the services promised – the more you know “how” the more confidence you have to talk about what you provide
  • Assurance that you will get paid what you are worth as a coach
  • Making it as simple and fun as possible for clients to have a WOW experience and get the results they desire
  • Looking profoundly professional, even while still in training
  • Being organized so time is not wasted on tasks that don’t bring results
  • Having a well-oiled and automated machine in place that minimizes time spent on necessary tasks that are not fun

I personally think creating a professional coaching business is one of the sexiest things EVER!!! But I get that you most likely don’t agree with me. Wait, who am I kidding, I KNOW you don’t agree with me. But it is necessary and the key to getting you where you want to go quicker.

You want more clients? Better marketing is not the only answer. If you don’t have systems and processes in place to facilitate, automate and organize your marketing then it won’t matter if you get 50 prospects in the next 30 days. Everything will slip through the cracks, you’ll spend 3x the amount of money and time trying to find new people to market to instead of following up on the ones already in your funnel – you’ll be convincing instead of enrolling; you’ll be selling instead of providing value.

You want more money? More clients is not the only answer. If you don’t have a support mechanism in place to engage your prospect, enroll your client, provide exquisite client support to your client and WOW them every step of the way, it won’t matter if you bring on 50 clients in the next 30 days. You’ll look unprofessional, everything will slip through the cracks, you won’t be the best coach you know you can be (and that they deserve) and you’ll be constantly “coaching by the seat of your pants” instead of fiercely supporting them into their greatness.

So what is sexy about the back end of your business that allows you to fiercely and confidently be organized, look professional, and be certain to deliver beyond what you promise? EVERYTHING. And if you still don’t think the hundreds of necessary tasks required to start, organize and run your coaching business is sexy, then you had better locate the people, tools and resources you need to provide that sexy for you.

So leveraging the right people, tools, technologies and resources around you to integrate these very sexy elements into your business is the KEY to creating consistent cash flow and a steady stream of clients!

Piece-mealing these elements together with multiple technologies – NOT SEXY.
Waiting until you have clients until you put these into place – NOT SEXY.
Coaching-by-the-seat-of-your-pants – NOT SEXY.

If you are ready to make your back end sexy – we are here and would love to make you look profoundly professional and empowered with the confidence of a seasoned professional. It’s time to add “sexy” back into your business! Try out what a professional, automated coaching business experience is like for free by clicking here.

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