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3 Simple Steps To Make Your Money Gremlins Disappear!

When going from the sample session (or complimentary consultation as many coaches call it) to enrolling a paying client, there is a precise moment that when navigated well leads to getting paid for your services. This moment, or as we call it the most important Nano-second of your business, can either lead to your money gremlins playing tug-of-war in your head or it can be maneuvered with the greatest of ease. The difference is in knowing the 3 simple steps to have in place BEFORE you reach this Nano-Second during a sample session. What are those three simple steps?

  • Market the results of your optimal coaching experience
  • Know the sequence
  • Offer a money-back guarantee

During a sample session when this Nano-second occurs, unprepared coaches start focusing solely on how coaching works. This creates a disconnect for the prospect because all they want to know is “what’s in it for me,” they don’t care HOW you get them there. When you market your Optimal Coaching Experience, lay out the entire path of what the prospect will experience and always tie every aspect of coaching back to how it will help them create the goals they want to achieve or how it will help them to stop the points of struggle they are tired of contending with. Every “how” should convey a benefit.

As a prepared coach your money gremlins disappear when you know the sequence of steps a prospect takes upon saying yes. This sequence is what conveys professionalism and provides you with the confidence to be 100% certain you can deliver what you promise. When this knowledge is missing, this Nano-second becomes as vast as the Grand Canyon and your money gremlins shout louder than your confidence. Here is an effective sequence to enroll a new client after completing the sample session:

  1. Always enter the conversation assuming a “yes” while ready for a “no.”
  2. Outline the Optimal Coaching Experience the client can expect.
  3. Review the expectations they can have (of you and you of them)
  4. Book the first session (at least) to generate a direct link to the call strategy form and an automated appointment reminder.
  5. Determine their preference of payment option.
  6. Complete and send them the coaching agreement (have a blank copy with you if in person, to review with them during that meeting).
  7. Book their future recurring coaching sessions.
  8. Send them the New Client Autoresponder starting with “Welcome, how to access my private client website.”

This sequence of steps combined together is known as your New Client Process. When any one of these steps is missing it opens the door ever so slightly for your money gremlins to come rushing in. Having this knowledge mapped out in advance will minimize your gremlins and increase your confidence. As a result your prospects encounter your confidence and know they will experience a return on their investment.

The third, offer a “100% participate or get your money back guarantee.” Yes, this is counter-intuitive. Often one would think that by offering a money back guarantee the volume of your money gremlins would increase: Will I have to give them their money back? Can I afford to do that? What if I don’t have the money? (sound familiar?) Quite the contrary occurs. By offering this guarantee it sets a high bar for you, the coach to live up to. It insists that you bring your greatest talent to your clients every time. They get the best of you.

By making this guarantee, it eliminates the risk for you’re A+ client to easily move into coaching with you. If you are talking with your ideal client then this will provide an easy segue into coaching. If you are talking to a B, C or even D level prospect it will quickly weed them out because they will have an excuse, reason or uncertainty – even in the midst of no risk – and you will have saved yourself from enrolling less than ideal clients and wasting your (and their time).

When you integrate these three simple steps you:

  • Easily engage prospects into taking action & buying your services.
  • Effortlessly navigate the most important Nano-second that has your prospects saying YES!
  • Create consistent income in your business.

What are your money gremlins? Use the checklist above to ensure you have in place, in advance, the 8 steps of enrolling a new client during a sample session.

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