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How to Stop Trading Time for Money: the 4 essential systems to have in place to leverage your time

Time is one of our most valuable commodities. It always amazes me how much of it I, and many of us, waste. The most disappointing part of the waste is that it is not necessary. What I have discovered is that a little bit of organization and systematization goes a long way to saving time and money.  Elementary, I know! AND, we often ignore this simple knowledge.

For me, it has been about never wanting to be so organized that I lose my creativity and spontaneity.  What I have learned is that being organized and having the right systems and processes in place gives me more time for creativity and allows even more spontaneity! AND,  like Melinda says, to really make the most of it, and get even more time back, you must be organized, systematized, automated and integrated. She goes off the deep end with folks that have 7 to 9 systems to monitor, learn and maintain their business when she knows just one will do it… no wonder many people do not bother to systematized, if it is done poorly or cobbled together, it can cost more time and money than it saves.


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