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Learning Curves Can Take Their Toll

It is an amazing time, a learning curve. Have you ever watched a small child learn to sit up?  It is quite a process. They first learn to push themselves up, “Whew! That was exhausting!” They do this a lot. They are actually building the right muscles for the job. Then they get to the point of pushing themselves into an actual sitting position, you see a smile and then they fall over and look surprised. “Almost!” Then they do it again and this time they stay seated for maybe a minute… whoops, down they go. As long as they don’t hit their head, they don’t cry or get angry they just keep doing it over and over again until they perfect the move of sitting up. Then they look so satisfied. “Woo Hoo! I did it!” It is an amazing journey to watch.  It is a learning curve. The toll for the child could be a bump on the head, but for the most part they just keep working it until they perfect the task.

Have you ever stepped back and watched yourself move through a learning curve? I did a few weeks ago and it was quite a different scenario. I have to admit, not pretty!

I made the drastic mistake of clicking one small icon on my iPhone. That one miniscule move put me into a learning curve I had no clue was coming and I cannot say I was very graceful. (that one tap changed me over to the new iPhone OS 7) One little tap, and my whole world changed. Everything looked different, acted differently and many things were no longer where I had come accustomed to finding them.  It was a true, “Oh Crap”, moment. All I wanted to do was check my calendar and get my day started… but noooo. Not so easily done lady…

I screamed, something not so nice I am sure, and then got anger at iPhone for making my life so difficult.  I cursed the phone… it did not even notice. I hated the new icons. It didn’t care. I couldn’t make my calendar work. It still didn’t care. I screamed again. It still did not even flinch.

Then I begin to do some calm research to discover what the new OS7 was all about. I go on line and see the nice looking, British sounding, man tell me all the good stuff the new OS7 can do and why it is so simple and great. I feel better.

I start again, to master the new calendar I know I can do this, after all, I own a technology company! About 3 clicks and I go back to feeling crazy because it does not work the way it always did and I get frustrated… and scream again. Then I tell myself to grow up and try again, and with each teeter and totter back and forth between craziness and trying again, a whole new sensation creeps in. I call it learning and understanding. Wow! That learning and understanding part feels good! AND… it seems I have to go thru the screaming to get there.

I’d like you to know I am starting a new campaign to do learning curves differently, less screaming and more learning and understanding. Like a little child, a sense of curiosity and wonder and eventually accomplishment. A big part, I recognized, is that the little child has no time constraints. If they sit up today or tomorrow makes no difference, their job is just to do it. I’ve discovered I need to give myself more focused time to master a new learning curve so the urgency does not interfere in my journey of learning and understanding. Next time!

So why the heck am I sharing this with you? Because, I know learning new stuff (even on The Coaches Console) can make us crazy AND I also know the amazing understanding of how the new features can make our lives even more efficient and more professional and the learning is on the way… just letting you know there is hope!

AND when you get to the learning and understanding, it is like techno nirvana! Freedom, and really fun too! So hang in there and ask lots of questions. Magic Marius is there in the help desk awaiting your ticket. He doesn’t have a British accent, but he is cute! AND we will all get to Techno Nirvana together!  Better yet, become even more professional and efficient in our growing businesses.

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