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Breaking Through Coaching Business Myths & Techno Blocks: Myth #1 Perfectionism vs. Professionalism

During the 10 years we’ve supported start-up coaches in setting up their businesses we have encountered 10 Myths that derail them and keep them from fully realizing their passions and profits. In this series of articles we will identify all 10 myths, dive into them and turn them around with the truth! By embracing the truths you can locate the courage to move through your fears and breakthrough the blocks in your coaching business!

To start working with clients I have to have it {my business} all together.

This myth, when further expanded will have coaches abandon the truth they know at their core and start thinking thoughts like these:

“I have to be perfect before I can put myself out there.”
“I’m afraid of being seen.”
“Will they find out I don’t know what I’m doing?”
“Will anyone ever hire me?”
“When I finish this one piece, THEN I can launch my business.”

The danger about the last thought is that the IF-THEN never ends. The “one piece” is always changing. When the one piece is no longer your website, it becomes your newsletter, then it becomes your blog, then your free gift…and on and on. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy to keep holding you back.

Ultimately what start-up coaches desire, is that in the midst of their “not knowing” (when it comes to setting up their business) they want to feel confident and be professional.  The key to professionalism is not in diving head first into making sure everything is perfect. That just fuels the fire of your fears!

This myth will confuse Perfectionism with Professionalism. 

Being professional does not mean being perfect. Being professional is about being truthful with yourself and those around you. Being professional is about coming into agreement that (a) you don’t know what you don’t know and (b) that you are fully committed to discovering what you need to learn while expressing truth along the way. Being professional is being vulnerable in the face of your prospects and clients. Gulp!

This myth drives the thought that “to be vulnerable is to wrong.”  Your vulnerability is actually your greatest gift and where your greatest power and control lies.  Being vulnerable is how you model for your clients to take action in their own lives. If you fall prey to this myth and believe that YOU must be perfect (in your business set up), then in your coaching sessions you would be teaching/coaching your clients that they can’t accomplish their goals until they first become perfect. And we all know that is NOT coaching!

Setting up your business is THE ACTION to take to reveal your vulnerability while pursuing your passion.

When you can embrace your vulnerability and come into agreement with it, you create respect among your prospects and clients. You earn their trust and deepen the relationship. You actually provide hope to your clients that they too can accomplish the seemingly impossible goals in their own lives.

Do not confuse Perfectionism with Professionalism.  When it comes to moving through the actions of setting up your business of course you’re not going to know everything (unless of course it’s been your past-time hobby to set up and launch businesses).  Just to fulfill your passion and calling in the world, there are literally hundreds of details to know so that you can attract prospects, convert clients, support them and get paid.

This Truth, when further expanded sounds like this:

“I don’t yet know, but I’m surrounding myself with the teachers and resources that will equip me and show me the way.”

“I’m doing the best I can, with what I have, from where I am.”

“When I put supporting resources (a coach, tools, technologies) in place within my business everything that causes overwhelm will be broken down and made easier and more fun to achieve.”

In what area(s) of setting up your business are you confusing perfectionism with professionalism?  This simply may be an indicator that you don’t yet have the correct resources, systems or technologies in place to transform your overwhelm.  To the degree you have systems in place is the degree of fun and success you’ll experience.

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