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Don’t Let The Witch Stop You in Your Tracks

In the USA Halloween or All Hallows Eve is celebrated with excitement, fear, trepidation and joy.

Children of all ages dress up as scary ghosts, monsters and other amazing creatures. Then we travel from house to house in our neighborhood and request trick or treat? “Give us a treat, or we will play a trick on you!” The children would say.

In our family Halloween was one of the most favored holidays of all. Growing up, my grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunts would always dress up and come to our house. It was exciting and fun, AND quite scary too! My mom would dress up as a scary witch and stand on the front doorstep cackling and waving her broom. Many of my friends wouldn’t even come to our house because they were so afraid! But then my mom would take off her mask, smile and wink at them and offer them candy. They were always glad they came to our home as mom made homemade cookies and wonderful homemade candies to give to them. As long as they could push past the fear of the dreadful witch at our doorstep, (they all knew it was just my mom!) the reward was always a wonderful treat and most often the highlight of their evening, full of giggles and fun!

So too, Melinda and I run into this sense of fear and trepidation among our wonderful entrepreneurs and coaches every day. Just like my neighbor friends had to push through their fears on Halloween to get to our doorstep, past the scary witch and to the goodies, so do we, as business owners, have to push past our fears and resistance to get to our goals.

Rarely is it about not knowing what to do to make our businesses grow, or even how to accomplish what we want, mostly we allow ourselves to see the witch and let our fears take over. “What if what I do doesn’t work? What if nobody signs up for my list?” we say to ourselves. What if, What if… you fill in the blanks.

So why do we let the witch stop us in our tracks? She usually stops us because we have lost sight, even if only for a minute, of our WHY (for the kids, the why is the candy and fun). For us, as Business owners, it’s about WHY we are building this business in the first place? What is it we know will be accomplished once we move through our fear? We forget all of the lives we will be helping to change …all of the pains we will support people to remove and replace with pleasure and growth.

When we forget our WHY, we begin to only see the risk and the what-ifs and the scary witch.

I can tell you what the kids did to push past the witch. Some would boldly go past and grimace at her with their own scary masks. Some would try to slide by unnoticed. (That never worked;) Some would face her with all their bravery and belief in their true knowledge about who she really was and say, “you’re are just Kate’s Mom, aren’t you?” And some would run home crying, never getting to the candy and fun.

So which kid are you? Are you holding your WHY up high and boldly pushing through your fears? Are you a bit more timid, yet still relying upon your real knowledge of the possible results, and asking some questions to verify and going forth? OR are you running home scared and missing all the fun?

Your Halloween homework: Get crystal clear on your WHY. Know it so well that it is unshakeable. Come up with solutions to your top three “What-ifs”. And finally, the next time you realize you are about to run home crying (or hide from taking business steps you know are right), Speak your WHY out loud to yourself, ask yourself one of your what-ifs, give the answer you’ve developed AND take that step towards the scary witch! (After all, it’s just my Mom;) Happy Halloween!

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