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Plan, Prepare, Party, Proceed

The holidays do NOT need to be stressful. You do NOT need to lose momentum in your business because of the holidays or a vacation. As you may know, Melinda and I travel a lot. Some for business and some for pleasure. We take 7-10 weeks of vacation each year and STILL have a thriving business! Would you like to know the secret to having it all?  It’s actually easy. We “Plan, Prepare, Party and Proceed”

Plan and Prepare is all about being sure we have everything in our business set up to run even when we are not there. Automation and organization are the keystones to accomplishing this. We make sure our systems and processes are in place to run like a well oiled machine regardless of whether we are present or not. We also make sure our team has clear instructions for handling the day to day details and also contingency plans for that “Oh Crap Moment”  that may occur. “Murphy” is never on vacation! We are clear on what we want to have accomplished and put everything in place to insure it will happen. It may be marketing or client care or any function of our business. We use auto responders, advance scheduling and know each item is handled. AND we plan for the future ongoing projects as well, NOT only what has to be done now and while we are away, but also what is upcoming upon our return. Our planning  and preparation insures smooth transitions.  We also are diligent in our self care to insure we do not burn out and get overwhelmed. That is a big part of preparing. Taking care of ourselves so we can be most present, creative and engaged in every party, holiday or business event.

Party: Once we have all the details orchestrated and handled and automated, we can then party full out! We know everything is handled and nothing will slip through the cracks AND we have taken care of our personal health and needs so we are juiced and ready to go! We can be fully present with family, friends and or business colleagues and have fun!

Proceed: When we return from holiday or vacation we know right where to pick up because we have planned for it in advance. Because we have planned ahead, our marketing is still working , new clients are still engaging and current clients are well cared for and all is moving ahead on target. We slip right back in and continue to Plan and Prepare for the next Party!

Would you like more of this flow in your business and less stress and roller coaster income? We have a solution coming your way very soon.

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