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When should you start coaching groups?

Guest post by Michelle Schubnel, Coach & Grow R.I.C.H.

Group coaching is one of the best ways for coaches to serve more clients and make more money in less time. If you’ve been thinking about coaching groups, here are three scenarios where it makes a lot of sense to move forward…

#1 – You know you want to work with groups.

There are some people who naturally prefer working with groups. If you fall into this category, there’s no reason to wait! Start working with groups as soon as you can.

#2 – You want to develop your own “signature coaching system.”

While it’s true that a talented coach can coach just about anyone on anything. The fact is, in order to build a sustainable and profitable coaching business, successful coaches focus on a specific area and develop their own unique way of working with their clients to help them achieve their desired results.

It’s much faster and easier to develop and fine-tune your system in a group setting vs. working with clients individually.

#3 – You are ready to leverage your time and expertise and expand beyond the 1-1 coaching model.

Established coaches often reach a point in their business where they max out and hit an income ceiling. There’s a limit to the number of individual clients a coach can handle.  On the other hand, when you work with groups the number of people you can serve skyrockets, and so can your income.

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits for you as the coach to work with groups.

Do you also realize that group coaching is a highly attractive option for your clients?

In fact, there’s a percentage of people who are much more likely to work with you in a group environment than one-on-one, here’s why…

Connection and Community. People crave connection and want a sense of belonging. Being part of a coaching group addresses these desires.

Greater Accountability = Better Results. Clients are more likely to keep commitments made publicly to a group than privately to a coach. Participating in a group provides a higher level of accountability, which means better results.

To Feel Better. When we go through challenges, we are are often quite hard on ourselves. But put us in a group with others who are in a similar situation and suddenly we feel a lot better because we realize we’re not alone and that other people also have similar issues.

Develop and Expand Network. This is a particularly appealing benefit for groups that have a business or professional focus.

Deepen Knowledge and Accelerate Growth. There is a collective wisdom in a group and it’s one of the best ways to address, “Not knowing what we don’t know.” Experiencing someone else being coached is a powerful way to uncover those things and gain awareness and insights we wouldn’t have otherwise.

To Share and Contribute.  Deep down we all want to make an impact and contribute to others. Participating in a coaching group is an excellent avenue for this.

Less Pressure.  This is especially true when compared to paying big bucks for private coaching, where the last thing a client wants to do is to show up feel unprepared and therefore not get the most out of their investment.

Something To Look Forward To. The most successful coaching groups are enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring… if not down-right fun. And who doesn’t want more fun, enjoyment and inspiration?

Excellent Return on Investment.  Coaching groups are often priced lower then working privately with the coach. Clients appreciate having a more affordable option and getting a huge return on their investment.

So, what do you think? Let’s make this the year you add group coaching to your business so that you can serve more clients, increase your income and enjoy more free time!

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