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Who Are You … and Who Do You Need to Be to Achieve Your Desired Level of Business Success?

During a recent summit with our joint venture partners, one topic that kept coming up was: Who do you need to be to run a business and get the results you want?

It’s definitely a topic we found interesting! And that’s why we’ve decided to have today’s article be the first in a new series dedicated to mindset, and the role it plays in the success of your business.

The bottom line: your business success relies heavily on your mindset and the way you show up in the world … not necessarily on the strategies you learn and the actions you take.

In Michael Gerber’s book, The EMyth, he explains that just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you’ll be great at running a business doing that something. It’s all about mindset!

If you’re like so many business owners out there today, you decided to hang your shingle because you’re good at what you do. You have a specialized skill, and you believe you can earn more money working for yourself than you can working for someone else.

But if you’re still in the “employee” or “technician” mindset, you may have yet to experience the level of success you’ve hoped for, and this may be the result of one or more mindset mistakes.

The good news is that you can do the inner work to transform your mindset … and not only reap the rewards in terms of financial success, but also make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients.

Below, we outline 3 mindset mistakes you may be making now, and how to reframe them for maximum success.

Mindset Mistake 1. You show up and do the work … without understanding the relevance of the big picture.

Reframe. Obviously, delivering a specific service—like coaching—is a major component of your business. At the same time, though, you must focus on all the other aspects of running a business, from marketing and sales to invoicing and everything in between.

Business Success Mindset: Commit to developing a thorough understanding of how each piece of the business puzzle fits together, so you can implement each piece thoroughly and effectively.

Mindset Mistake 2. You are isolated and alone. You’re accustomed to functioning on your own, sitting at your desk and doing the work until it’s done.

Reframe. As a business owner, collaboration is critical to your success. Rather than viewing yourself as a lone wolf, view yourself as a member of a community of business owners.

Business Success Mindset. Become a member of a community of entrepreneurs in your field, and be an active participant. Ask questions, answer questions, give advice and ask for and offer support.

Mindset Mistake 3. You focus solely on implementation, and neglect inner work.

Reframe. Running a business is hard work, and a business owner’s to-do list is ever-present. As much as the implementation is important, so is self-improvement and inner work.

Business Success Mindset. Pay attention to your mindset! Dig deep into your limiting beliefs and thoughts. Acknowledge that thoughts play a huge role in creating your reality. Identify your limiting beliefs and work on dissolving them so you can create the reality you truly want.

To reiterate, the bottom line is that your mindset plays a much bigger role in your business success than your strategies and actions do. If you focus on developing a thorough understanding of how all the parts of your business fit together, becoming a member of a community of likeminded people and banishing limiting beliefs, you’ll begin experiencing massive results!

And of course, that’s what we want for you!

We’ll continue this mindset series over the course of the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

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