Coaches Console | 8 Steps to Generate New Leads

How to Consistently Generate
New Leads Beyond the People
You Already Know

You CAN generate new leads—who become ideal
clients—efficiently and effectively. And you can make
deep connections with them, so they can't WAIT to work
with you—all without the guesswork! I'll show you how.


Join us for this new, complimentary webinar and discover:

  • The three greatest myths around finding and attracting new leads, so you can avoid wasting time on things that don't work.
  • Why it's extremely likely that a paradigm shift IS necessary if you want to ensure those leads can't wait to work with you (and, of course, how to make it).
  • A new approach to enrollment conversations
    that will revolutionize your results—and the way you feel about them.
  • And more.

Serving the Coaching Industry for 14 Years

During the 14 years that have transpired since Melinda & Kate founded The Coaches Console, they've shared resources and trainings with more than 58,000 coaches around the world to start and build their coaching businesses

They both started out as coaches – and are still coaching. Their ultimate mission is to get the world coached! But are only 2 individuals with a limited amount of time. As they help a greater number of coaches to have thriving, successful businesses, the more clients are reached and coached to success … and a bigger impact is made by all.

If you're a startup coach struggling to generate new leads (beyond the people you already know), and to effectively communicate how you can help them transform their lives, this is for you …