Why “Assuming the Yes” Can Not Only Change Your Business … but Also Your Life

Why “Assuming the Yes” Can Not Only Change Your Business … but Also Your Life

Today we welcome guest blogger Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) to share a few golden nuggets she experienced at my recent Lifestyle LIVE! event. Take it away Michele!

Have you ever heard Melinda Cohan talk about how she assumes the yes?

During her recent first-ever live event, “Lifestyle LIVE,” she taught a segment about how she assumes the yes in enrollment conversations, and why doing the same can be a powerful shift for you.

(In fact, here’s a link to the video snippet where she explains from the stage.)

So, what might “assuming the yes” look like for you? Well, to start, it doesn’t look like you’re ATTACHED to the yes. You’re not pursuing the prospect, or trying to twist her arm, or saying anything to get her to plunk down her money.

You’re assuming the yes; you’re not attached to it.

For Melinda, it looks like this: she comes to the enrollment conversation prepared. She uses The Coaches Console (what else?) to prepare the contract so when the prospect says “yes,” she can pull it up and walk that person through it herself, right then and there.

One of the reasons this concept is so powerful is because you may actually be unconsciously repelling your prospect, if you’re not prepared to welcome him into your business.

Think about it:

If you have no contract ready, or a good way to accept payment, or a messy (or nonexistent) welcome packet … then all you really have is the headache of onboarding a new client “willy nilly.”

Plus, if you’re not a full-body, 100% yes to accepting new clients, how comfortable do you think your prospects are going to feel in the enrollment conversation?

I was profoundly affected, when I first heard Melinda teach this concept. Why?

Well, have you ever heard of the Enneagram?

If so, you know it’s a way to identify your patterns around your wounds. That’s a useful tool, if you want to break the negative cycles you find yourself stuck in.

So, I’m an Enneagram 6, which means I’m a worrier (and I’m talking massive here, folks).

If you know anything about me, that will strike you as a bit ironic … because my entire business has shifted to a love-based foundation, instead of fear-based.

The Enneagram changed everything for me, because now, when fear or worry or anxiety comes up for me, I’m able to feel and process those emotions by breaking the pattern and getting out of it quickly.

Sure, I still feel fear and worry sometimes. But it doesn’t keep me stuck the way it used to. (And even though I feel worry from time to time, I no longer worry. Does that make sense?)

And, yes, some of my old thought processes still exist … like the idea of the “other shoe dropping.”

To me, assuming the yes, means I’m not waiting for the other shoe to drop, and that can be problematic for me.

You see, along with my worry habit came the realization that I had created a false “story” about my worry—I allowed it to be a sort of “magical talisman” to keep me safe.

I figured I could keep the bad things from actually happening to me if I worried about them. (Think of it this way: how many things that you worry about actually happen? My worry attracted more things for me to worry about, but the specific bad things rarely actually happened.)

So, in my mind, if I started assuming the yes, I would have to take cover from all the dropping shoes!

Okay, I joke. But I really do want you to think about this question:

Are you assuming the yes or the no, in your enrollment conversations?

If you’re assuming the no, why?

Are your fears getting the best of you?

The fear of “jinxing” yourself? Of the disappointment that comes with the no, if you’re expecting the yes?

Whatever it is, I invite you to flip your perspective.

What would happen if you assumed the yes instead?

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the “Love-Based Business” series of books that share how to sell more with love and build a solid, profitable business on a foundation of love. In addition, she owns a copywriting and marketing company along with writing and publishing fiction. To grab your free book “How to Start a Business You Love AND That Loves You Back,” visit


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What REALLY Happens To Successful Entrepreneurs After They Reach A Significant Goal And Dream… (video)

After years of dreaming, months of planning and days of delivering, I wanted you to see both sides of celebration!

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Lifestyle LIVE! Watch the Juiciest Sessions Here!

Day Two

Lifestyle LIVE! was a huge hit … beyond my wildest dreams, even!

I’m bone tired from giving my all and have been focusing on exquisite self-care to rejuvenate. But I’m also SO in love with the amazing people who make up this brilliant community! I LOVE that I got to meet so many of you, and look you in the eyes. I cannot stop thinking of you all!

We spent three days in Atlanta, and the coaches who attended learned exactly what they needed to know to truly love up their businesses THIS YEAR.

Throughout the event, as I was teaching content, I found myself thinking, “Ya know, that content would be really helpful to refer back to later.”

So, I’ve decided to drop some of the juiciest bits here, for YOU!

Below, you’ll find a quick explanation of each session, and you can watch the clip from each segment for deeper learning.

Lifestyle LIVE! Backstage: Are You a Perfect Portia?

During Lifestyle LIVE! I talked about how, while 10 percent of our business success is dependent on strategy, and 10 percent is dependent on connectedness and community, MOST of our business success—a full 80 percent—is a result of our mindset.

One of the Villains that often creeps in and gets the best of us as entrepreneurs is Perfect Portia.

She may sound something like this: “That lead magnet isn’t quite right. If I could just tweak it one more time, make it just a little bit better, it will be ready. THEN I can get it out there.”

She tells you nothing’s good enough, nothing’s ready—and she stops you from getting yourself out there.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote, and I reveal what it is—and the four-step process behind it—in this video clip from the Lifestyle LIVE! Backstage Pass! Watch it now.

Lifestyle LIVE!: If You Don’t Know This, You’re Leaking Success

There is one marketing concept I just can’t emphasize enough: Pain Island and Pleasure Island. If you don’t know it, you’re leaking success (note: most people ignore this, because they think “Oh, I’ve already seen that”).

When you’re talking about marketing, there’s one word that comes up a lot: niche.

So what IS a niche? Put simply, it’s a group of people who face similar challenges and want similar results. They’re living on Pain Island, with their challenges, and they want to get to Pleasure Island, where they finally experience the results they want. And your coaching is the boat that gets them from Pain Island to Pleasure Island. If you’re not getting the clients you want or generating the revenue you desire, this is the first place I’d look at in your business, if we were coaching privately together.

Are you SURE you’ve got this right?

 To see an illustration and hear a deeper explanation, check out this video.

Lifestyle LIVE!: THIS Is the True Definition of Marketing

As coaches, we have a unique opportunity when it comes to marketing. It’s an advantage: we bring the skills of coaching to the table. By being ourselves, by being curious and creating a connection, we’re opening the space for other people to live their greatest lives.

In this video, I share my favorite quote by Marianne Williamson—and I think it outlines perfectly the reason marketing should feel natural for coaches.

Watch the video and let your light shine!

Lifestyle LIVE!: Assume the Yes.

Did you know that if you’re not assuming your prospect will say, “Yes,” at the end of an enrollment conversation, you may be unconsciously digging in your heels as you approach decision time? (We heard from several Lifestyle LIVE attendees that they were guilty of this and didn’t even realize it until they went through this session with me!)

That’s why I always recommend that you “Assume the yes.”

Be prepared, mentally and behind the scenes, for your prospect to take you up on your offer to work together and the flow—all the way to setting up the contract and client agreement—will feel effortless!

For more details, watch the full video here.

Lifestyle LIVE! Backstage: Love Is in the Air!

What better time than right now to love up your business?! Here’s my most powerful tip for doing the great work you’re meant to do in this world: Do the hard things. Do the things that scare you.

Watch the video to find out WHY this is my most powerful tip, and my best advice ever when it comes to serving your purpose.


To wrap it up for now …

Lifestyle LIVE! was a blast, and I know the coaches who attended walked away with so much deep, useful information—and with their business plans mapped out. These are some of my favorite sessions, and I hope you love them too!

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