Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Karen “KC” Carlson, Video Marketing, Coaching and Production

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Karen “KC” Carlson, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

KC helps your Video Vision to catapult your marketing to a new level. Gain rapport with new clients before you meet – while you sleep!

Video in the Land of Oz

The challenge of learning Video technology is like being swept away from the comfort of home. All of a sudden everything seems familiar, but strange. A wicked witch scares you into thinking you have nothing to say and you’ll never be able to speak on camera. You may be tempted to resist learning this new marketing tool, wishing for some great OZ rescue.

Learning to speak on video and create great videos for your website and digital marketing takes the same friends Dorothy found in her adventure:  The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow.

The Tin Man’s Brains – When you face the challenge to plan your video marketing, you quickly realize how vital video is your business. The investment you make in this marketing tool saves you time in the “know-like-trust” of professional relationships. Videos save you time answering basic questions, time explaining how to benefit from your services, time reaching your contacts and linking to the clients of friends and colleagues. Saving time saves money. That is brains.

To overcome the wicked witch holding you back from visibility takes Courage. The Cowardly Lion’s courage to grow into his own skin and realize his great power to pounce on adversity. Courage to stand strong. Courage to speak up and say what is important. Courage to take the journey. Courage to risk the unknown. You have the courage inside ready to emerge and find the freedom to be seen and heard.

The Scarecrow’s heart. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you have true heart. The heart to give. Heart to connect and share your gifts, talents and unique offering. Your videos share your heart like no other medium. Your heart makes the connection with the people you are meant to serve. Video creates a bridge from your heart to the hearts who need your touch. When you speak from your heart, we believe.

Link arms with your new friends: Brains, Courage, Heart and Video4Results and skip down the yellow brick road feeling alive and supported. There’s no place like home.


Karen (KC) Carlson is an entrepreneur, videographer, environmentalist, and public policy expert who is combining all her experience and talents into a new business venture, Video4Results.

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California on the Monterey Bay, her firm aims to coach non-techy heart natural healers and heart-based entrepreneurs to produce high quality videos for websites, improve their presentation skills and connect more quickly with new clients.

KC’s passion is to produce social media videos, and presentation coaching to bring greater visibility to the healing of heart-based entrepreneurs.


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Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Devora Gila Berkowitz, Breakthrough Coach and Soul-Purpose Expert for Heart-Centered Spiritual Women

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Devora Gila Berkowitz, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Devora helps talented heart-centered spiritual women fulfill their purpose and potential so they can create their unique impact in their life and business.

3 Keys to Activate Your Divine Connection

I’m passionate about empowering spirit-led women to move quickly out of overwhelm and connect to their inner voice and creative power, so they can receive more abundance in life and business.

But it wasn’t always this way. To be totally transparent, I used to sabotage myself with “mindset pitfalls” and instead of attracting health, love and abundance, I had a habit of calling the complete opposite into my life. Although I was a very accomplished musician, writer, teacher, yoga instructor and vocal coach, I was a chronic over-giver and would often put myself last. I was a very juicy target for “energy suckers” and “freebie seekers.”

The Divine decided to have a sense of humor with me one day to reflect my “martyr” attitude back to myself. I was married and seven months pregnant, waiting at a bus stop on my way to my ob-gyn. Suddenly, I was attacked and stabbed in the back eight times by a terrorist who wielded a huge kitchen knife! The weapon fell to the ground, breaking into three pieces, and I ran for my life while sustaining only surface scratches.

I put the event behind me and continued in “push forward” mode until eight years later, when I was diagnosed with a rare, neurological condition that affected my brain, optic nerve and spinal cord. Sounds horrible, right? Actually, I saw the illness as a huge gift – the opportunity to slow down, reflect on my life and heal myself.

Although for years I had questioned the purpose and meaning of my miracle story, only now did I receive this deep realization: Everything in life that happens to you comes directly from the Divine and is meant specifically for you, for your ultimate good. The Divine calls out to have a relationship with you – so you can become who you’re truly meant to be and receive the abundance that is waiting just for you!

This experience led me to discover a step-by-step system that gives you the clarity and confidence to fulfill your purpose and receive your divinely-inspired abundance. (So you won’t ever have to go through a drastic wake-up call like I did.)

I love helping my clients access their inner voice and creative power as their inner divine relationship unfolds, which is the secret to receiving abundance. It’s from this place that they improve their relationships, health and finances. In fact, as a result of this work, one of my clients earned in this past month alone what she earned in all of 2015!

To help get you started, here are 3 Keys to Activate Your Divine Connection.

#1 – Remember Who is in control. Who’s really running the show? This is a challenge for many of us – especially for talented high-achievers.  To give over control to the Source of all seems on the one hand so obvious, and on the other – so difficult! We like to be in control. For many of us, the need for control feeds one of our darkest mindset pitfalls: I’m not enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not important, and I can’t. As long as you hold on to one of these mistaken beliefs, letting go will be a challenge. The solution here is to allow “letting go” be your mantra.

Here’s an illustration: One of my clients was in a stressful marriage and had been trying to conceive a second child. As a result of her letting go, she improved her relationship with her husband. At our last session she gave me a thank-you note: “I feel so blessed and grateful for all you have taught me and given to me,” she wrote, “I have grown so much, I have truly transformed…” When I heard from her about nine months later – she was expecting a baby!

#2 – Everything that happens to you is meant specifically for you. Did you ever make an innocent mistake and couldn’t figure out why it happened? Or everything goes wrong one day for no good reason? In the theater of life, we are the players and the Divine is Scriptwriter, Director, and Producer. Each of us is a player in everyone else’s theater so that the Divine can have a relationship with each one of us. While we cannot ultimately pen all of the stories of Life, we can use our free will to rewrite our own stories, by 1) understanding how we interpret and perceive our lives, 2) deciding how we want to experience our reality instead, and 3) take the necessary steps toward those goals.

So instead of feeling guilty or angry when something goes wrong, realize that this is your special moment when the Divine is saying, “Hey, you’re special – pay attention!” When you get really clear on this, life becomes more meaningful and feels magical. You begin to see the world as your personal stage and appreciate the role you’re playing just by being you.

#3 – What happens in your life is for your highest good. You may be saying, How can I possibly see the good when everything around me is falling apart? I hear you. It’s easy to go to that place. The problem with staying there, however, is that you miss out on the golden gift that lies beneath the surface of life’s surprises. That hidden gem is your relationship to the Divine. So the next time you feel frustrated, confused, angry, fearful… these are signals that the Divine is tapping you on the shoulder. Get curious and ask, “I wonder why the Divine is calling to me right now?” Ask to understand the message that you need to hear, or the lesson you need to learn. Remember, it’s all a gift especially for you!

So, following these three steps will help support you to activate your own relationship with the Divine so you can receive more abundance in your life and business. Meditate on these ideas and notice what happens when you open up to the Divine Love that is flowing to you at every moment.


Devora Gila Berkowitz is a visionary, coach and healer, musician, writer and editor, yoga teacher and soul-purpose expert with 25 years’ teaching experience who recreates herself daily while following her soul’s calling. She knows the unparalleled satisfaction of watching her kids blossom while doing what she loves: helping talented heart-centered spiritual women fulfill their purpose and potential so they can create their unique impact in their life and business.  Devora Gila Berkowitz is here to remind you that you have the vision, voice and creative power to make your impact in your family, community and in the world.


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Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Margarita Martin, Coaching that Makes Your “YOU” Possible

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Margarita Martin, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Margarita works with direct sales, self-employed and professionals seeking to grow in their field – folks who are HUNGRY to grow and improve.

Remember, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! The word itself says, “I’M POSSIBLE”!!!

I am so EXCITED!! I’ve gone from National Sales Rep of the Year at Dow Jones, twice; to stay-at-home mom of four, to entrepreneur as a Life Leadership coach. And now I’m HERE! With all of you!! My journey with Melinda and Kate has been pivotal and amazing for me and my business as a coach, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

We’ve just rung in a new year and as I do every year I’ve reflected back on the past year – what went right, what could I have done better, what where my greatest joys and my deepest let downs. I’ve always been a student of leadership – I’ve always wanted to be the best I could be and I knew that in order to get to my personal best, I needed to read and learn from the very best – one is too small of a number for greatness.

Along with welcoming the newest little member to our family (Baby Grace is 3 months old now), one of the absolutely best things I did in 2015 was become certified as a Coach, Speaker and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team. My heart has always been for bringing others up, training on the best content, sharing what has worked for me in the past and what hasn’t worked. I am a natural motivator and cheerleader. My closest friends describe me as a bundle of positive energy!

As a Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Team I deliver a strong dose of the best content on the topic of leadership on the planet. In fact, John Maxwell has written three of the top five leadership books EVER written. And I get to share that with my clients, through virtual one-on-one coaching, mastermind groups and lunch and learns. Learn more about John Maxwell here.

What I have learned, both personally and from my clients, is that SELF-leadership is the absolute hardest form of leadership. One of my favorite quotes from John is this – “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” It is so very true!! How we lead ourselves is how other perceive us, how they respond to us. If you are looking to grow your business, build your sales team or make an impact on the world around you, you must first and foremost LIVE BY EXAMPLE.

Between the killer content, being a keen listener and living it, I would love to share with you some resources available on my site, Take advantage of my free gift to you, “5 Free Infographics to help you Up Your Leadership Game.” They look great printed out and I know you’ll refer back to them time and again.


Margarita Martin is an influencer that is an experienced sales person. As a mortgage broker, she survived the mortgage crisis of 2007-2008. She transitioned from this battle zone to what turned out to be an all-out Armageddon. Her new role selling a printed publication in our digital world, to a market, of all things – early adopters. Margarita was selling the Wall Street Journal for classroom use to university deans, faculty and graduate programs. Not only did she survive, she was “Sales Representative of the Year” two years in a row. Not bad for a two year deployment. And then came four babies creating a new full-time position. Survived, again, and ready to teach straight from the front line.

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Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Larry Jacobson Retirement Coach: When Golf And Grandkids Just Aren’t Enough

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Larry Jacobson, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched his businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Larry offers non-financial retirement planning for baby boomers because golf and grandkids are not enough.

Baby Boomers Reject and Redefine Retirement

Baby Boomers have a problem we rarely discuss and are reluctant to face. If like me, you are one of the 10,000 boomers who will retire today and every day for the next 15 years, you face two basic questions about your retirement.

Do you have enough money to retire? This is the question everybody talks about. The financial planning industry hits us with an endless barrage of advertising to generate enough fear so we’ll invest with them. Let’s say you’ve planned well, had some good luck and timing, and you do have enough money to retire. Good for you. Now you’re faced with the question nobody wants to talk about.

larry-ted-talkWhat are you going to do with your time when you retire? Most answers include some version of, “Sleep late, golf, and travel.” I hear this often from new retirees, and many are back on the phone with me before a year has passed. By then, they’ve had all the sleeping late, golfing, and travel they can take, and have discovered a new problem; they are missing the fulfillment and purpose they had with their career.

Today’s Retirement Situation—The Hard Truth

A majority of those approaching retirement have not thought about what happens after their career comes to an end because the idea of losing one’s identity is frightening. Many of life’s big transitions are scripted for us and follow an established progression from one stage to the next. In school, we progressed from kindergarten to elementary, from middle to high school and the next step for some was college. In the corporate world, you climb the ladder from supervisor to manager, director, VP, President, and then the C-suite. If you’re in the military, you rise through the ranks in proper order. But now that you are approaching an unscheduled part of your life, how do you write the script so it includes fulfillment and purpose?

Think about your days at work. Even on the worst day, you experience a variety of emotions including feeling valued, needed, and respected. At work, you are scolded and praised; you absorb, and contribute knowledge. Most likely, you thrive on that steady flow of interaction with fellow workers, the fast pace, and the feeling that you are ‘doing something.’ When this stimulus is gone, how easily do you expect to transition to tending your garden? What will you do to maintain purpose and how will you contribute to the world?

What’s Your Plan?

sailingThe answer to this important question of what you’ll do with your time is to have a non-financial retirement plan. Having a financial retirement plan is common, but only 30% of baby-boomers have a non-financial plan. Why don’t you have a plan? Don’t feel bad; it’s not your fault. We didn’t expect to live this long and thus need a plan for a whole new phase of our lives. Our parents didn’t have much of a plan—but we’re living 10-30 years longer than they did—so we need one. However, there are three hurdles to creating a plan.

  1. We didn’t know we were supposed to have a plan, and figure we’ll make it up as we go. That’s being reactive, not proactive.
  2. Even if we wanted to, we were never taught how to make a non-financial retirement plan. What would it include? What would it look like? I’ve met a lot of executives who could write a business plan in a day, but have no idea how to write their own plan for retirement.

It takes deep introspection to consider what you’ll do with the next phase of your life. This is not easy to do by yourself and resources have been thin in this area. After all, the financial firms’ profits come from your invested money remaining invested, not spent.

No financial firm wanted me to spend my money on a sailing journey around the world, but that’s what I saw as my vision, so I went anyway. What do you see in your vision? When you think about yourself in retirement, what do you picture? If you don’t have a vision and a picture of what you want, then you may want to consider these statistics.

  • In retirement you have a 40% higher chance of falling into clinical depression than when you were working.*
  • You have a 56% higher chance of having a stroke if you cannot state your life purpose in retirement.**
  • The average retiree watches 4.5 hours of television per day. That’s the equivalent of 205 8-hour days or 56% of your potential productivity time.***
  • Retirees have many concerns but their #1 concern is the lack of identity they felt in their career.

Still, 70% of retirees don’t have a non-financial retirement plan.

planDo you have a plan?

Without a planned route, it’s easy to drift aimlessly from one pleasure to another never finding fulfillment. In the words of the great motivator, Jim Rohn, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s….” It doesn’t have to be this way. Retirement doesn’t have to mean the end, but rather the beginning of renewal. Retirement should be redefined as opportunity.


Baby-Boomers are Rebelling Against Traditional Retirement

The old way of looking at retirement was to see an endless bliss where you would finally get to do nothing, with no pressure, deadlines, or work. Wrong! That was your parents’ definition of retirement. You’re of a different generation, someone who has reached a position of respect in your professional life, and want to contribute and feel appreciated.

It’s time to look at retirement in a whole new light. Not as a chance to stop, but as a chance to move forward in a direction you have always dreamed of going. It’s your chance to make your dreams come true. It’s your chance to live a life of true meaning, value, and solid purpose.

Three Elements To a Fulfilling Retirement

It may seem obvious but most new retirees have been so concerned with retiring from something, they have yet to consider what they’re retiring to, and thus the three parts to retirement.

  1. You must have something to retire from such as a job, career, or position of responsibility.
  2. You need something to retire to. This could be a new job or career, joining the board of a company, a personal passion, working for a non-profit, getting into a new relationship, or moving both physically and emotionally. Hopefully what you’re retiring to makes you feel like you’re contributing to the world’s betterment, even if it’s your neighborhood group.
  3. Creating a non-financial retirement plan means asking many questions of yourself—and answering them. Thus, the third element needed to retire is someone to nag you to get off your duff to do make a plan, and then take the first step in that plan. While I prefer my title as is, Chief Retirement Navigator, I’m also referred to as ‘the nag,’ which I don’t mind as long as the job gets one.


While sailing his boat all the way around the world, Larry Jacobson followed many a course marked by buoys. They led the way through dangerous shoals, between reefs, and provided a safe haven for mooring. The international buoy system is like a roadmap and if followed properly, will keep you in safe waters. Larry’s Buoy Coaching, provides safe and confidential guidance into a new phase of life as you redefine your retirement.

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Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Carol Williams supporting and empowering individuals and teams to reach their goals and dreams

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Carol Williams, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Carol is supporting and empowering individuals and teams to reach their goals and dreams and now she is offering the readers of our blog some of her best pieces of advice.

January Dreaming to July Doing: A Savvy Business Leader’s Guide

WHAT is the issue?

New Year’s resolutions don’t work. You know that. Some statistics:

Resolution maintained through first week 75%
Past two weeks 71%
Past one month 64%
Past six months 46%


But, why? We are intelligent and successful leaders. Why do we have a DISCONNECT between Intention and Action?

Answer: It’s our brains. It’s how we are wired. But, here’s the good news. We can outsmart our brains.


With everything to gain, and much to lose, it’s worth another look at the “right way” to not only plan, but to design a system that enables you and your team to (really) follow though this time. Without consistent and reliable methods for follow-through, your team will lose momentum, become disengaged, and possibly disgruntled. A disengaged team barely scratches the surface of productivity, whereas a highly engaged and motivated team knows no limits.

What if, after many tries of fording an impossible stream, someone built a bridge? Would you ford the stream again? It’s doubtful. What do you have to lose? To gain?

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.08.49 AM

Want this bridge? Read on.


How do we outsmart our brains, then, to go from “January dreaming” to “July doing”? It’s simple, but it’s not easy. If it were easy, we’d find different statistics.

Simply Successful Steps:

  1. Be certain. Envision your end result, with the caveat that you truly believe you can achieve your goal(s). Half-hearted beliefs are doomed to failure.
  1. Keep it super simple. A big mistake is to plan for more than three goals. One to three is ideal. “Less is more” after all.
  1. Believe through the bumps. There will be bumps, but reminding yourself of successes will breed more successes. Honor and celebrate, and expect the bumps. A deep and meaningful “why” is paramount.
  1. Really remember the reminders. What reminds you of “what you were going to do”? Some use a vision board. Some visualize daily. Create small “if/then” habits (hint: this is a “brain trick.” For example, “IF I open a new browser window THEN I will ask myself what my highest priority of the day is.”)
  1. Consistently. You must commit to a small step, at least every other day. This creates habit and momentum. It’s also known as Deliberate Practice, which is another way to re-train your brain.
  1. Get support. No “man is an island.” Humans are gregarious by nature, and in general, find greater success in personal accountability. Try, a mastermind group, or a coach. Even announcing your goal (personal or professional) on Facebook can help!

Above all, take heart:

According to a 2015 study by the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, we can “rebuild our willpower muscle.” Like any muscle however, it must be trained.


Carol Williams owns EpS (Efficient Productivity Systems) and is a productivity coach, trainer, and Evernote Business Certified Consultant. She specializes in helping create systems for success in business and in life. If you are leading a team who desires to function at top speed and performance, contact Carol for a complimentary, 40-minute phone consultation appointment. She also coaches individuals and helps find calm in the chaos of our work and home lives.


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Presenting Bootcamp STAR Graduate – Ali Godding helping successful women achieve even more

As you well know, this past November, our latest Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp ended.

We’re proud to present you Ali Godding, one of our Top 10 students in this past session—the “cum laude” of the bunch who launched her businesses with our support and who is now thriving!

Ali is helping successful women achieve even more and now she is offering the readers of our blog some of her best pieces of advice.

What Strengths Do You Need To Thrive in Today’s World?

Have you felt it too? The feeling that the world is accelerating at an incredible pace… That the sands are shifting beneath our feet? When we look into history we can see that this is a cycle that has always been revolving. Revolutions in human development technologically, socially, politically, spiritually have been cycling on and on for millennia. But what can we do about it?

At the recent Engage For Success conference aptly titled ‘Engage or Bust’ I heard this phenomena described very eloquently by Nita Clarke the co-founder of this movement, dedicated to the idea that there is a better way to work. She said:

“We are living in a world full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity”

I couldn’t agree more! It is somewhat of a mouthful and so people have taken to reducing these meaningful words to an acronym. VUCA.

If you hear the phrase “We are living in a ‘VUCA’ world” you now know what the hell they are talking about! Personally I feel that phrase reduces this important-to-pin-down concept, it to mumbo jumbo ‘management speak’. However, the sentiment and what it is describing couldn’t be more relevant, and I doubt the term is going away anytime soon so I guess just need to get over it!

So… we are at a point in time where multiple revolutions are taking place all at once, some large, some small. Yet added together these shifts are dramatically changing how we operate as a society. These circumstances have manifested the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA World) we now find ourselves experiencing every day. I don’t think that is ‘news’ to anyone. We all feel the impacts of this ‘chaos’ don’t we?!

As wonderful as it is that we can now put our finger on, and finally articulate what is going on around us. It still leaves us the question of what to do about it. The Engage for Success movement goes on to answer this from the perspective of an organisation and for our economy, But what can I, as an individual, as a professional ambitious woman, do to improve the stress inducing environment we find ourselves in day to day. Which seems all the more urgent because this ‘VUCA world’ seems to breed the worst of the fear based behaviours; manipulation, game playing, politics and the like.

It probably won’t surprise you that my approach is to focus on what we can influence – ourselves. Developing ourselves personally, so that we can not only survive but thrive in this environment. That is the reason I wish to share with you this film by Tiffany Shlain. I believe it to be so powerful because it looks at the qualities we can focus on and develop, that will help us navigate this crazy world we all live in.

Watch it now, or if you don’t mind jumping to the punch line, I have summarised the qualities below. These are the areas that we can all work on to help us survive and thrive in today’s world. I still recommend you watch the film after you finish reading this post. 🙂

The Top 5 Strengths You Need To Thrive In Today’s World:

1) Curiosity – Taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; finding subjects and topics fascinating; exploring and discovering.**
2) Creativity – Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things; includes artistic achievement but is not limited to it.**
3) Initiative – the ability to assess and initiate things independently. The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.*
4) Multi-disciplinary thinking – A multidisciplinary approach involves drawing appropriately from multiple disciplines to redefine problems outside normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations*
5) Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another*
* definition from wikipedia ** definition from VIA institute on character

Do you agree that these strengths are what is needed to navigate our way through or do you think others are just as, or even more important? How do we as a society measure up on these strengths? Are they around in abundance or are they scarce? Do these qualities come naturally to you? Do you want to develop them and hone the skills that go alongside these strengths? I would love to hear your comments on those questions or any other thoughts you may have…


Ali Godding is Business Owner and Coach at MindSpa, the coaching practice dedicated to helping successful women achieve even more. If you want to get ahead and stay ahead whilst living a healthy balanced life then get in touch today.


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What’s YOUR Word for 2016?

The New Year is in full swing—woohoo!

Along with our best wishes for an efficient, profitable, streamlined 2016, we want to extend what we consider a very important piece of advice … one we’re confident will transform the way you do things and create unimaginable results.

Here we go:

You know how it’s been kind of a trend over the past couple of years for people to begin the New Year by choosing a single word that will serve as kind of a compass over the course of the next 12 months?

You may be nodding your head, thinking of words like: focus, determination, perseverance, planning, organization … and all of these are great!

What if you were to consider a different word, one that may feel a bit foreign at first …


That’s right. FUN!

Yes, planning is good. Getting organized in advance is critical. Strategy and execution matter.

At the same time, FUN should be a cornerstone in your business plan. It should be a critical partner to focus.

You know we have a story to illustrate our point. 😉

During our last big promotion, there was one day when certain components of our plan weren’t working exactly as we anticipated. I (Melinda) was in a tizzy.

Yes, the Queen of Efficiency was super-frustrated, and the more I worked on the problem, the messier it got.

I called Kate to dump my charge about the situation, hoping that by clearing out the frustration, I’d be able to focus. Of course, it didn’t work.

I admit, the fun factor was nowhere in my mind in my efforts to sort the situation out, and fast.

The next thing I know, Kate was knocking on my door.

I opened the door, and there she was, smiling, from behind a huge bouquet of flowers. Immediately, a huge smile spread across my face.

Kate came in and led me in a dance break. (Not kidding … we danced around the room like kids!)

Instantly, I began to feel so much better, even though the frustrating situation hadn’t yet changed. I felt lighter and calmer. As we danced, I felt more confident in my capacity to address the non-working components of our plan.

Being on the receiving end of Kate’s kindness—and experiencing the gratitude that came with it—gave me the idea to send all of our promoting partners a bouquet of flowers too, to thank them for helping us realize our vision this year.

Kate and I received Facebook messages, texts, and emails that included pictures of our partners with the flowers. We read stories about the positive impact our special deliveries had on their day. They reported big smiles, along with feeling lighter, happier, calmer and more focused as a result of receiving the flowers.

In the moment when Kate brought me the flowers, something very scientific, physical, and biological happened. Kate’s smile triggered my smile. The dance break (even though, at first, I wasn’t in a fun frame of mind) released a chemical called nitric oxide, which resulted in increased levels of feel-good chemicals like serotonin and beta endorphins.

High levels of nitric oxide, in turn, provided me with increased blood flow to my entire body and internal organs.

Here’s the really cool thing: whereas working harder produces adrenaline that can damage and deplete your body, fun and pleasure fuel you and allow you to tap into creativity in bigger ways, see situations from a new perspective, and develop a greater number of potential solutions!

Again, focus is critical … but it works best when it’s partnered with fun.

Don’t confuse perfectionism with professionalism – you (and your business) don’t need to be “perfect.”

Pay equal attention to focus (strategy, organization, planning, and execution) as you do to fun, and see how it changes your 2016!

Maybe right now you’re wondering HOW, with everything you do in your business, can you add the fun factor?

Think about content creation, client support, creating marketing material, launching promotions, engaging in marketing activities and so on. How can you add in the FUN FACTOR?

I have one more story for you today: I was recently at a JV summit with 112 of our colleagues, and the moderator asked for one piece of wisdom that lead to the level of growth we’ve experienced year after year.

I found myself getting onstage and sharing the story about Kate and the flowers. After I finished speaking, one of the gals in the room—who is already quite successful and is planning to generate 6 figures in her business—approached me to tell me how much she appreciated hearing my story.

She had always operated on the belief that in order to create significant success, you have to simply work hard. She was so grateful to hear my “ray of sunshine” story at that moment. It gave her new hope that she could create the success of which she dreams, in a way that felt natural … in a way that would allow her to enjoy the process, along the way.

I believe you can do the same.

Which is why, as we head full swing into 2016, Kate and I would like to encourage you to focus on FUN, and on everything it can do for your business.

We have a feeling you’re going to like it!

As always, we’d love to hear about how this works out for you, so please feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook page.

Here’s to a Happy and FUN New Year!

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The Top 3 Lessons Learned From 2015

Whew! This year has just flown by, hasn’t it? There are only 15 days left in 2015, and wow, has it been a FULL year!

Our team at The Coaches Console and I have learned so much, but in reflecting on 2015 recently, I came up with the Top 3 Lessons, and I want to share them with you, today.

It is my hope that as you move into 2016, you’ll be able to use these lessons to improve your efficiency, boost your profits, and have more FUN than ever!

So, without further ado, here they are:

Lesson 1: Prepare for the unexpected—the truth about systems and teams.

As you may already know, my mom became very sick this fall, and after an unexpected hospitalization and surgery, she passed away. My sister (one of our TCC team members) and I were away from work for several weeks.

Guess what?

Even though our leaves of absence were unexpected, business went on pretty much as usual. Why?

Because we had created and implemented systems in advance, so that our marketing, new client engagement, and client support was organized and in place.

That meant that we could be with our mom when we needed to be, without worrying about whether our business was continuing to thrive.

And as a quick reminder, having a team in place doesn’t mean you have to have a full offense, defense and second string! It may be as simple as hiring a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. Either way, it’s important to have someone else who knows your systems, and who can help run them in your absence.

I was (and am) beyond grateful that we had taken the time while all was well to create the systems that sustained our business during our unexpected time off, and I’d love for YOU to take advantage of this lesson now, too!

Following are two things you can do to get started:

Lesson 2: Give the little details the attention they deserve—they really add up!

Sometimes the tiny details don’t seem like they make much of an impact, but when you look at the big picture – the way all the tiny details combine – you may find that they make a huge difference in your bottom line, as well as in your ability to serve and support even more clients at the highest possible level.

One significant example is our last Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp promotion. We’ve run this same promotion 2 times before, but this time, we optimized several “tiny” details.


  • Took a different approach to setting our goals.
  • Solicited expert advice (instead of figuring everything out on our own).
  • Added a short, engaging video to the launch.
  • Edited the “thank you” page, which people see after opting in for our free training.
  • Added a few new emails into our existing marketing sequence.
  • Implemented 3 additional ways to support clients.

Individually, none of these items seem like they’d make a huge impact, right?

But together, they resulted in an additional $500,000+ in sales and many more clients that are impacted!

In our business, I often see people overlook these kinds of details, thinking that if they get those big pieces of the business in place—like their free gifts, autoresponders, sample sessions, online scheduling, and online product store—then they’ll be golden.

These “big pieces” create a good start, but the real success lies in how you plan for, prepare and execute the details!

I like to use the analogy of the old-timey radios. You know the ones: you have to turn the dial until you get to the station you want to hear. As you get closer, you can kind of hear the music, but you have to slowly, gently, carefully, barely turn the dial one way and then the other, carefully adjusting it until the station comes in clearly.

That’s what we’ve done with our marketing and support at TCC over the past year. In slowing down, we’ve made a significant impact. (Yes, we’ve slowed down in order to speed up!)

So let me ask you – are you paying attention to the details in your business? In 2016, take some time to focus on them, and I’m confident you’ll discover they have a bigger impact than you expected!

Lesson 3: Affiliates—of any size—can be powerful promoters. Nurture these connections.

Sometimes, in an attempt to develop what we believe will be lucrative affiliate relationships, we look for “big” affiliates—those who have big lists of responsive clients.

I want you to know that you should never overlook opportunities to partner with the “little guys.” (And don’t sell yourself short if you’re a little guy!)

One of my favorite examples is that of Jory, one of members and an affiliate with a relatively small list of 900 members. She promoted us in a launch, alongside other affiliates whose lists are in the 15,000-50,000 member range.

The features and benefits TCC offers complement what Jory offers—they solve a problem for her clients that she doesn’t solve, herself. Rather than worrying about how many of her members signed up for our promotion, she simply shared the features and benefits because she knew they were a good fit for her community.

As a result, she referred us a significant amount of new Bootcampers—and was among our top 10 affiliate promoters, which means she joined us on the trip to Greece (where we thanked our team and top promoters for helping us create our biggest launch ever). So even though Jory had a “small list,” she definitely made a significant impact.

When we worked with our “little guys” this year, we brought in an additional 1,000 opt-ins and close to 40,000 more in revenue!

Now, to help you nurture your affiliate connections, we’re sharing below some additional ways in which you can support your referral partners – in addition to emailing for promotions:

  • Brainstorm prospect or client engagement ideas
  • Review their content or material
  • Introduce them to resources that may support them in reaching their long-term goals
  • Gift your product or free gift to their audience as a value-add bonus
  • Share templates you’ve created for your own clients or programs that may benefit them in solving their challenges
  • Host them on your podcast
  • Include them as a resource in your newsletter
  • Have them speak at your events
  • Bring them on as guest experts as a bonus in your program

Again, as you move forward into 2016, keep those “little guys” on your radar! They have the potential to make a BIG impact.

We’d love to hear from you—what are YOUR Top 3 Lessons from 2015? Post them in our TCC Facebook Mastermind group. (Must be a member to participate. Not a member, no problem, you can learn more here.)

And from all of us here at The Coaches Console, we wish you and yours the happiest of holiday!

We are so grateful for each and every one of our TCC community members (that’s you!), and we can’t wait to have more fun with you than ever before, in 2016!

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3 Tips to Create a Perfect-for-You Holiday Schedule

As the holidays approach, do you find yourself contemplating whether to work through the holidays, because you need the money, or to take time off to be with your family, but suffer a financial hit?

Let’s call it what it is, shall we?

If this sounds familiar (and we know it does for lots of coaches—we’ve heard people talking about it on our forums), you’re stuck in what we call the (drumroll, please) …

“The Entrepreneurial Conundrum.”


It’s the holiday season! You’re probably feeling pulled to take time off to hang out with your family, eat yummy holiday food, play games, drink and be merry! 😉

But you also know that if you take time off from work, you may lose momentum and you’ll almost certainly lose money.

When this internal struggle occurs, you likely come out of it feeling like your work is controlling you (and that’s never a good feeling!).

So what to do?

If you’ve been asking yourself that question with the holidays right around the corner, you’re in luck. We have answers!

And we want you to know that, although we’re talking about the festive season here, everything we’re sharing with you today applies to ALL situations in which you have to take time off, whether they are planned or not. Let’s face it – sometimes, the unexpected occurs – like when my mom recently became ill and passed away. I had to take time away from my business, and I could without worrying, because of the systems I have in place. (Also, a quick, loving “THANK YOU” to all of you who have reached out with condolences. You warm my heart, and I so appreciate you.)

So today, we’re giving you 3 tips for working as much as you want to, and only as much as you want to, over the holidays (or any time you feel compelled to take time off).

Tip 1. Set your intentions and desires.

It’s simple, but it must be done!

Answer the questions: Do I desire to work? Do I desire to take total time off?

Sure, that sounds obvious, but if you haven’t outlined (even for yourself) exactly what you want your holidays to look like, how will you achieve it?

The same idea applies to your business, as a whole: if you’re not crystal clear on your intentions for your business, it controls you, by default. And that’s exactly what we don’t want.

During our next complimentary webinar on Wednesday, December 2 at 4:00 pm EST, we’ll talk about how to structure your business so you can work AND play during the holidays, or so you can take total time off, any time. We’re covering topics like getting support systems in place, a simple automated promotion you can put in place at any time, and an easy autoresponder series you can send out to reengage former or inactive clients while you take time off. So watch your inbox – it’s going to be great!

Tip 2. Implement your structure.

This is where you take your holiday vision and create a specific framework for making it reality.

First, set expectations for yourself and for your clients in terms of office hours. In order to do that, you need to determine when you will be available to work ON your business as the business owner, when you will be available to work IN your business as the practitioner, and when you will be available to be AWAY from your business, as you. Then, set up your voicemail greeting and the Out of Office Assistant in your email to remind people of your office hours. Putting these processes in place allows you to continue to provide exquisite client support, even when you’re not in the office.

When you return to your full work schedule, plan an entire, “secret” re-entry day to give yourself time to get back up to speed and get your head back in the game. For example, if you plan to come back January 2, tell your clients you’re coming back January 3.

Again, we’ll take this even deeper in our upcoming webinar, and we hope you’ll be there!

Tip 3. Organize promotions, autoresponders, and client engagement in advance.

While you’re still going full-throttle, before you actually begin your holiday schedule, take the time to set up and schedule the items you can ahead of time, so they’re rolling out even while you’re sitting in front of the fire drinking eggnog. 😉

In Tip 1, we mentioned a simple automated promotion you can put in place so it’s happening without your input, as well as a simple autoresponder series you can send out to reengage former or inactive clients. (This series can be something simple, like a set of 3 emails for a “Start the New Year off Right” special offer on your coaching packages (I’ll talk more about this on the webinar, during which I’m also giving you a structure you can use for your offer and bonus, and an email template, so be sure to join us!).

You may also consider sending out a 3-part autoresponder series for current clients that gives them holiday-related exercises and activities to help them successfully maneuver through this time of year. One of our favorite ideas is asking clients to journal in their client log during your time away from your typical coaching schedule.

Finally, consider creating your December and January newsletters in advance and schedule them for future send dates, so you don’t have to think about them while you’re taking time off or when you return to your full-time schedule.

Again, our in-depth, complimentary “Easy Breezy Time Off: Your Guide to Planning and Preparing for Time Away from Work … While Your Business and Clients Thrive” training on these topics is scheduled for Wednesday, December 2 at 4:00 pm EST. Be sure to watch your inbox for details to join us.

We want to help you ensure your holidays look exactly like you want them to … and we’re so excited to share them with you, our cherished community, this year!

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The Lesson I Learned When Starting My Coaching Business That Took Me To 6 Figures And Beyond!

Over the past 11 years in the coaching industry, I’ve realized there are three components that make a thriving coaching business:

  1. Coaching skills (skills, products, programs) that deliver results
  2. Marketing strategies that are effective
  3. A Business model that operates like a well oiled machine

If any one of these three pieces is missing, you will continue to struggle and flounder in your business.

As I write this, we are right in the middle of our biggest marketing promotion ever (and it’s going gangbusters so far). I was preparing for my day and while I was getting ready I was going through some vital steps that contribute to our success and overall experience of how we arrive at that success. It was in that moment that I remembered there are two more, equally as vital components required for success or none of the other three even matter.

The 4th and 5th vital components: Preparedness & Mindset

Let’s start by looking at the first part: Preparedness

I learned a lesson from Deepak Chopra 10 years ago. He said there was no such thing as ‘luck’ and that luck is defined as ‘’when preparedness meets opportunity.’’ From the moment I heard that statement I adopted it as my own beacon of success. I was going to be the creatrix of my success. Preparedness was my new mantra. And I’ve carried that with me in all things I do as I lead our business and team.

Take this big promotion for example. We started preparing for this one promotion four months ago!!! And our goal was to have everything in place for promotions like this well in advance – no scrambling at the last minute, no procrastinating!! There are thousands of details that must be implemented and overseen in a promotion like this. Without preparedness there is no way we’d be able to surpass our target goals time and time again and deliver outstanding results to the people we serve.

Even if we had the most spectacular program or product that we were offering… even if we had the sexiest back end that was automated and operating like a well oiled machine… even if I was the greatest coach/trainer… if we’re not prepared we’ll have minimal results at best and it would be exhausting!

Last month we hosted a business mastermind with our top JV Partners (referral partners) in Greece as a ‘thank you’ for their support. During one of the masterminds we talked a lot about scaling our businesses for some past six figures, others past seven figures and even some into eight figures while expanding our reach to serve more people and make bigger impacts through our work. And at the core of that discussion was preparedness. The more prepared you are in advance the better the results AND the more fun you’ll have along the way.

You know us… we LOVE to have fun. In fact, if we can’t have fun in business, then we don’t do it. And preparedness leads to bigger, more outrageous fun because we’re not running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the last minute! Preparedness allows us to relax (just a tiny bit) into fun and enjoy our business along the way.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go gangbusters and need to scale your business to this degree. But this same concept applies if you’re just getting started, creating a nice lifestyle business or desire to surge past six figures.

How to have an Exquisite Level of Preparedness:

  1. Pre-Plan. Map out every step, action, and task IN ADVANCE before you ever start implementing anything. For this big promotion, as an example, we had a detailed checklist and a flowchart that outlined every last detail. This became our roadmap for implementation. And we set a timeline, milestone & accountability for each item on the list. You may not think checklists and flow charts are sexy, but they sure do set you free 😉
  1. Team. You may be the entire team in the beginning. If you are not skilled or an expert in a certain role then consider bringing on a team member that is. Always evaluate BOTH the risk of your investment versus your return on your investment. So many folks get lost in just the investment and don’t evaluate what their return on their investment will be. Look at both so you can make a wise business decision (even if it’s a bit risky)
  1. Before you ever start to implement you must take stock in the tools, technologies and resources you have or need to execute your plan. The better integrated these resources are the easier it is for your team to execute in extraordinary ways. If you have clunky resources, the more chance there is for things to slip through the cracks and errors to be made which all impact your end results.

Preparedness, WELL in advance, helps you to create the space or the container by which your results can easily come to you.

Now let’s take a look at the second part: Mindset

Without mindset preparedness may not matter 😉

This was the aha moment I had getting ready this morning. Before I even started my business day I had already taken hot Epsom salt bath, had a delicious breakfast, meditated and went through my morning rituals (candles, cards, essential oils) and had read my ‘Notes From The Universe’ (which I love btw). I had spent a decent amount of time focusing inward and aligning my mindset with my desires and intentions. I set myself up to be proactive in my business for the day!

Without that step things get reversed and my mind takes over… which means that fears get the best of me… which means I end up in reactionary mode… which means that my actions get sloppy…. and it usually means I have a meltdown at some point during the day. Yuck! By taking a focused amount of time each morning to align my mindset I am grounded, peaceful, focused and proactive. I’m less stressed and my body isn’t tense and aching!

Some mornings I may spend 3 hours in my morning rituals before I ever sit down to my desk and computer. Some mornings it may just be 1 hour. But I never leave it out of my morning.

Mindset is what determines HOW you experience your business, projects and day!

My top 10 tools that I reach for to align my mindset:

  1. Dancebreaks – I move my body so I get out of my head
  1. Candles – lighting candles as I set my intentions
  1. Essential oils – applied on each chakra as I state my intentions of the day or project
  1. Spirit at Work cards – to seek guidance beyond me
  1. Notes From The Universe ( – this is the first email I read when I open my inbox. I secretly think they’re written for me.
  1. Delicious food – I never skip out on any meal; it’s the fuel that keeps me going
  1. Spring Clean – (a tool I learned from my mentor Mama Gena). Kate and I do this every morning to start our day during our big promotion to clear out any gremlins or crap that may be attempting to take our minds hostage.
  2. Connection – I don’t stay isolated. I prioritize quality time with my husband and family. I’m on Skype with our team, connecting with friends and confidants… I get away from my computer and engaged with humans.
  1. Meditation – a favorite app I use is Headspace… it’s great for guided meditation. Silence is where creativity is birthed!
  1. Sleep – in a big promotion like we’re in the middle of, I go to bed early and get good sleep! The gremlins in your mind will tell you that ‘’you don’t need sleep, you’ve got a bazillion details to deal with and you’ve gotta keep working harder and harder, longer and longer to get it all done.’’ WRONG! Quite the opposite is true –I know it seems counterintuitive. But if you’re prepared (see the beginning of this article) then you won’t be cramming in things last minute and you have room for sleep 😉

That’s my list and what works to get my mindset aligned with my business intentions.

What are some of the things on your top 10 that help you with aligning your mindset? Post in the comments below, I’d love to hear what works for you!

Preparedness and Mindset: the key to enjoying your business and serving your clients in greater ways.

And remember, it takes all five components:

  1. Coaching skills (skills, products, programs) that deliver results
  2. Marketing strategies that are effective
  3. A Business model that operates like a well oiled machine
  4. Preparedness and pre-planning
  5. Mindset that is aligned with your intentions.

To the degree that you focus on the 4th and 5th components in your business you will be able to scale your business and realize results beyond your wildest dreams with less effort and often much more quickly!

Setting up, launching, building and scaling your coaching business is meant to be a FUN process and experience!

Are we having fun yet?!

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