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The Behind-the-Scenes Magic That Creates a Smoothly-Running Coaching Business


If you're a startup coach (or want to be) and you're looking for the fastest, most FUN way to start and scale your coaching business, this is for you …

Imagine: Knowing Exactly What You Need to Do Now (and Later!), to Brand and Launch Your Coaching Business and Generate Consistent Income While Serving a Steady Stream of Clients—Without the Overwhelm!

  • One thing you're thinking you need to do RIGHT NOW—that you absolutely should not do just yet (this may seem counter-logical but don’t worry … I’ll explain!).
  • The three areas you must master if you want to create REAL business success (trust me – you cannot skip ANY of these areas and still get where you want to be!).
  • The one thing that differentiates a hobby business from a successful business, and how to ensure you've got it.
  • Exactly what it takes to deliver a seamless customer experience for every client, every time so your business grows effortlessly.
  • What you must know, up front, before you commit to your Quest as a startup coach (skip this stop on the Business - Building Quest and you may never get to your desired destination — the place where you're making a great living and a great impact).


when you download The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint, you'll get access to a complimentary training video, where I explain precisely which best practices to implement in your business to take you from overwhelmed and frustrated to the Sweet Spot where your business is running smoothly and profitably, while you change the world!

Serving the Coaching Industry for 14 Years

During the 14 years that have transpired since Melinda & Kate founded The Coaches Console, they've shared resources and trainings with more than 58,000 coaches around the world to start and build their coaching businesses.

They both started out as coaches – and are still coaching. Their ultimate mission is to get the world coached! But are only 2 individuals with a limited amount of time. As they help a greater number of coaches to have thriving, successful businesses, the more clients are reached and coached to success … and a bigger impact is made by all.