Our Certified VA Team

We have a team of Virtual Assistants that are not only excellent VA’s, but are also certified in The Coaches Console system. You can contact each of them individually to determine the best fit and the best type of support you are looking for in your business. Tell them The Coaches Console sent you!

Kim Gray

My First Coaching Client

Kim has been a loyal supporter of The Coaches Console during her years as a virtual assistant. She is a Certified VA with The Coaches Console, and she continues to support The Coaches Console members who are looking for help with setup and management. In her new company as a Tribe Coach, Kim provides support by helping new coaches use The Coaches Console to prepare for their first coaching client and guides them through her system for generating new relationships and nurturing existing ones with their warm circle of influence. For existing coaches who are launching a new group program, Kim provides support around how to nurture existing relationships, engage joint venture partners, and planning a new launch all using The Coaches Console to manage the processes and group coaching program.

Ginger Derrickson

Assisting You Virtually

Ginger has over 19 years of experience as an administrative professional providing assistance with schedule management, conference calls, virtual meetings, database management, document production, customer support, online collaboration and much more.  Ginger’s clients describe her as professional, a valuable ally, and a trusted partner.  She helps her clients find the work/life balance they desire.