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Getting Clients – It's More Than Just The Right Strategy!

Getting Clients is a two-part process.

#1 The Strategy (we call this “the what”)

#2 Systematize the Strategy (we call this “the how”)

Most start-up coaches stop after learning the first part and then get frustrated when they don’t get results they were promised.  It’s because they forgot to address the second, which is equally as important.  You can know the best marketing and client-attraction strategies but if you don’t organize and streamline the implementation of them you will only see minimal results, if any at all.

How do you systematize the strategies?  Each marketing strategy you have learned can be broken down into a specific sequence of steps that must be taken. These steps, also called systems & processes, are most effective when they are integrated with each other; like a series of interlocking gears in a well-oiled machine.  Each step requires a tool (a person or a software) to accomplish that step.

For example, let’s say “Live Lunch & Learns” will be one of your marketing strategies.  You’ve learned from marketing experts the most effective way to promote and deliver an effective lunch & learn (Step 1 in the two-part process).  In order to see results from this strategy you must also have the following sequence in place (step 2 in the two-part process):

  1. collect names
  2. communicate with potential attendees
  3. event sign up
  4. reminder participants of event details, date and time
  5. follow up with attendees
  6. schedule sample sessions with hot leads
  7. convert prospects to paying clients
  8. present coaching agreement to potential client
  9. engage new client and get paid for coaching services

The start up coach knows that professionalism is paramount and credibility is vital in implementing each step.  Yet you have just hit an extremely messy part of building your business – learning HOW to accomplish all the strategies you’ve been taught.

This is where we see most start up coaches like you get frustrated because you don’t yet have effective systems in place to organize and carry out these necessary steps. Instead of yielding results it triggers more questions than answers.

What is the best way to organize my contacts? What tool should I use to communicate with prospects? How do I send reminders? How can people book sample sessions with me? How do I send follow up messages? And the questions continue to snowball…

Having messy (a.k.a. manual) systems in place can cause important information to slip through the cracks. Not to mention it will leave you personally required to be involved in remembering, monitoring and pushing each step along.   This typically can be anything but professional and credible.

Where professionalism and credibility come in to play is when you can streamline, simplify and automate as many of these steps as possible so they happen even if you aren’t there (or you’re skiing in Jackson Hole Wyoming).  Systematizing the strategies you’ve learned yields the clients and results you desire.

Are you personally required to be involved for these steps and systems to happen? Or are you ready to stop wasting time and money on things in your business that can (and should) be automated? Check out this month’s “How To Create A Hot Result In Your Business” live-webinar and learn how to use your Coaches Console Free Trial To Get Paying Clients.

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Are You Leaving Referrals On The Table?

Often our members tell us their approach to asking for referrals sounds something like this:  “if you know anyone that could use my services, I’d be happy to talk to them.” And then they wait for the referrals.  And they wonder why they don’t get a flood of referrals every month.  Vagueness does not lead to referrals.  If this is your approach then you are leaving a lot of hidden client sources on the table and working harder than you have to in finding new clients.  Why work harder when you can create a consistent stream of referrals. (Spoiler Alert:  if you like to work hard for your next client, then this article is not for you. Stop reading now.)

4 Tips To Generate A Consistent Stream Of Referrals:

  1. Capture Effective Testimonials
  2. Know How To Ask For Referrals
  3. Ask For A Referral From Every Client Every Time.
  4. Make It Easy-Peasy For Clients To Refer You.

1. Capture Effective Testimonials. The common mistake in asking for testimonials, similarly to asking for referrals, is waiting for your client to provide you with a testimonial.  Often clients fear not doing you or your services justice based on the statement they provide. This fear causes them to procrastinate and they don’t send you the testimonial promised.

Instead present your client with a series of simple questions to capture their challenges and convey their results.  The collection of their answers will convey a powerful and effective testimonial.  When you guide your clients through WHAT to say, they can relax into giving you responses that are worthy of the results they’ve received from you.

2.  Know How To Ask. Being specific will help others know how to identify a potential client when they see one.  Share a story that gives an example of an ideal referral. Using examples of other clients, their profession, challenge and desired result will help trigger a specific individual’s name when asking for referrals. The more specific your story example, the greater chance of a referral being identified and passed.

3.  Ask For A Referral From Every Client Every Time. Too often coaches wait and hope their clients will offer referrals simply because they had a great experience. Coaches assume that if the client had a great experience, they’ll tell others.  “Waiting” and “Hoping” are dangerous referral-building strategies.  Automate the asking process so that every client is presented with specific questions that prompt them to identify a referral and a process by which they submit their contact information. When this asking is automated in a New Client Autoresponder Series then every client will be prompted to share their personal story with at least one person and generate at least one referral.

4.  Make It Easy-Peasy For Your Clients To Refer. One of the most common reasons we hear coaches say their clients don’t refer is because they don’t know what to say or how to make the introduction.  Providing your clients with a Refer-A-Friend sample email will help make it easy for them to introduce you to a potential client.  All your client has to do is copy/paste the message into an email include both you and the referral and their work is done. You take it from there to offer the gift of a Complimentary Consultation.

Coaches using The Coaches Console have these 5 steps already integrated into their business.  Before they even begin to work with a client, these elements are already in place and ready to be used.  So when a client begins to create amazing results from working with you (and we know they will because you are an phenomenal coach), they will easily provide effective testimonials, quickly identify a referral and consistently make introductions to your next potential clients.

To experience more about how Coaches Console can help you create a personal referral engine for a steady stream of clients, check out the Business-Building Confidence Kit and download your complimentary copy of “The Money Making Checklist” and a 30-Day Free Trial!

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