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Upgrade launched: Autoresponders and unsubscribe feature

We have just launched a short update that affects the email, newsletters, autoresponders features on the admin interface along with an update to the unsubscribe process for your clients/prospects.

Here’s a short overview of what has changed:


When clients/prospects click the unsubscribe link in an email/newsletter/autoresponder, they now have the option to unsubscribe from one, some or all types of communications.


    • Admin > Communicate > Email – on the top right corner you’ll see the total number of contacts that are subscribed to receive emails from you.
    • Admin > Communicate > Newsletter – on the top right corner you’ll see the total number of contacts that are subscribed to receive newsletters from you. Also when you select the groups of contacts to receive your newsletter at the bottom of that page you will see a count of how many people will receive it.
    • Clients > Client name > Personal info – The New client and Optin autoresponders have been included in the overall list of autoresponders. 2 new dropdowns will show you if that contact is subscribed or not to receive emails and newsletters from you.

For more details see the FAQ’s and Youtube videos below:

When does a contact receive autoresponders automatically?

The only situation where contacts receive autoresponders automatically is when they subscribe as prospects via the opt-in form on your Console website or a custom opt-in form on your external website. In this scenario, the system will subscribe them to the Opt-in Autoresponder and they will start receiving the messages setup by you in advance. Also, on your coach end, in CLIENTS TAB > PROSPECT NAME > PERSONAL INFO > Autoresponders section, you will see the Opt-in Autoresponder checked and also the date when the prospect subscribed.

No other autoresponders are sent automatically to a contact. In the other case scenarios (contacts added manually by the coach, imported or registered by themselves via the Register menu), the system will not send them autoresponders automatically. You would need to manually subscribe them to the Opt-in, New Client or any custom autoresponder by checking the box in front of them in the Personal Info page > Autoresponders section and click on the “Save” charcoal button.

How can I un/subscribe my contacts to/from my communications?


In CLIENTS TAB > CLIENT/PROSPECT NAME > PERSONAL INFO, you have a section called “Subscription Settings” where you can subscribe your client or prospect to your newsletter and emails. Depending upon the case, select “Client is subscribed to newsletter” and/or “Client will receive emails” and click on “Save”.

Important note: This only means that the prospect/client will be eligible for being sent these types of communications. When sending the actual messages, you need to select the names of the specific contacts (emails) or the group they belong to (newsletters).


In the case of autoresponders, below the “Subscription Settings”, there is an “Autoresponders” list with all autoresponders (Opt-in, New Client and the custom autoresponders created in ADMIN TAB > COMMUNICATE). Check the boxes in front the autoresponders you want the contacts to be subscribed to and click on “Save” to implement the changes. To the right of the autoresponders, you will then see the dates when the contact was subscribed.


In the Personal Info page of the contact > section “Subscription Settings”, choose “Client is NOT subscribed to newsletter” and/or “Client will NOT receive emails” and click on “Save”. To the right of the settings, you will see when the client was unsubscribed from newsletters and emails.

As for autoresponders, un-checked the boxes in front of the autoresponders you want the contact to be unsubscribed from and click on “Save”.

Can my contacts unsubscribe themselves from my communications?

Yes, at the end of each message (emails, newsletters, autoresponders), there is an “Unsubscribe” link that your contacts can click on and, in a new “Manage Subscriptions for {Contact Name}” summary screen, opt out of certain communications from you by un-checking the different types of messages and clicking on the button “Update my subscriptions” or opt out of all communications by clicking the button “Unsubscribe from all types of emails”. When a recipient unsubscribes from any communication in your system, under the CLIENTS TAB> CLIENT NAME > COMMUNICATION LOG > Subscription Settings, you’ll see a RED notification message indicating what the client is or is not subscribed to receive.

Note: When a contact unsubscribes from your emails or newsletters, you will receive an email notification. This does NOT happen when a contact unsubscribes from your autoresponders of all types.

Tutorial videos:

Managing Contact Communication Subscription Settings:

When contacts receive the opt-in autoresponder automatically:

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It Is All About The Money, Or Is it?

Money, Money, Moneeeh… you know the song! It’s all about the money. Not actually. It is really about value. Do we value ourselves enough to charge what we are worth? Do our clients see the value we bring and therefore are willing to pay us what we are worth?  What are we worth as coaches anyway?  Darn good questions, all of them. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I have.

As a matter of record I spent the first year of my coaching practicing NOT valuing me, my coaching and therefore I didn’t value my clients either. I did not realize the disservice I was doing my clients by not valuing myself and my coaching I was sharing with them.

Here is the embarrassing story…

I started coaching in 2001. I was so gung ho, I jumped in with both feet and my heart and soul. I hired a coach, signed up for Coach U and I was off! Woo Hooo! I went to a networking meeting that the week before I was a travel Guru and told my colleagues I was now a coach. The amazing part was they believed me! They were a bit surprised, and still said, “OK if you are a coach, I will give you a try. I trust who you are.”  I made a great offer to them and explained I was in school to become a true professional coach. I had my own coach to whom I could go to if there were issues I was not ready to handle, I could take them to my coach confidentially. It worked. Within the first year I was getting my schooling, had my coach and started to get clients to work with. I loved it… the coaching that is. I was not big on the business end of things.

Unlike many coaches I had no trouble getting clients. I love connecting with folks and listening to their stories and sharing mine, so getting clients was not my issue. My issue was valuing myself and my work as a coach. You see, I had about 10 clients, but I was not billing them. I kept putting it off, (the billing part) making excuses. I did not have a way to do it. Was I charging too much?  Would they pay me?  Were they getting value? By the time I would finally get the bills out, people were calling me to ask where their bill was! Then, of course the bill would be for two or even 3 months sometimes and the number would look really big so I would just not bill for one or two of the months. By the end of the first year I was working lots of hours, coaching lots of people but making very little money… UGH!

Every time I would finally get around to billing, I felt like I was chasing the money and it felt awful. The weird part was people were hiring me and willing to pay me AND I could not get it through my thick skull that I was valuable to them. I had no way to measure the value I was delivering so I struggled.

Then I met Melinda. I was her coach when she first started. When we got to the setting up her business part,  I handed her a pile of papers of how I “handled” the business end of things. I wish you could have seen the look on her face. It was as if I had handed her a pile of… “something distasteful”, and of course it was. She thanked me, sort of, and said, “Ok, I will look into this”.

Melinda came back the next week with a plan of how she was going to set up her business, how most of it would be automated and on-line. I was amazed. I  listened and said: “Great, now you can be my coach. I want that system too!” That was how The Coaches Console was born!

The beauty of the systems Melinda envisioned (and became The Coaches Console) was that it helped me and now you too, I hope, to make the billing process simple and painless for both me and my clients. I had ways in this system to engage my clients in between coaching calls and I could get feedback from them automatically as to how the coaching was going for them and what “value” they were receiving as a result of the work we were doing together.

With the business end of things handled, I could now begin to value the coaching service I was providing and value me as a coach. I had a real business. I valued myself, my craft and my clients by getting organized and making the business part of coaching a priority as well as the gift I had to coach people to their success.

The moral of the story is to get organized, get coached, and get your back end in order, so you can get the world coached!

And remember… we at The Coaches Console make your back end sexy!

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