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Breaking Through Coaching Business Myths & Techno Blocks: Myth #2: Just Get Something In Place Quickly So I Can Get Clients!

In this 10-part series, we are exposing the 10 Myths that derail start-up coaches and keep them from fully realizing their passions and profits. In this series of articles we will identify all 10 myths, dive into them and turn them around with the truth! By embracing the truths you can locate the courage to move through your fears and breakthrough the blocks in your coaching business!

MYTH #2 
 Just Get Something In Place Quickly
So I Can Start Working With Clients!

The driver behind this myth is the enthusiasm a coach has after just completing their coach training and being ready to implement their new found skills.  Remember what that was like?  You just wanted to start coaching!! You couldn’t wait.  That is such a thrilling feeling, right?!  This myth is further exploited by all the teachers, trainers, mentors and marketing gurus encouraging you that once you have the skills and know the marketing strategies, to just go out and start getting clients. This creates an urgency that causes you to create shortcuts in your business setup and implementation.  These short cuts end up creating more work for you instead of more money in your bank account or the freedom of more time.

Let’s break it down.

I was talking with a start up coach the other day and she had just completed her coach training and was beginning to set up her business.  During her training her teachers and mentors let her know a few key things she needed to have in place in order to attract prospects, engage clients, support them and make money. This basic checklist (just to get started) included things such as:

  • website for marketing
  • opt-in form so people can leave their name and email
  • follow-up with people that leave their name/email
  • organized contact list
  • calendar to book sample sessions

We’ll stop at that for now. So this coach spent her time setting up a simple and free GoDaddy website that had a few pages so visitors could learn more about her.  She placed on the webpage an opt-in form where people could leave their first name and email and subscribe to her newsletter. She set up Mailchimp to do mailings and follow up. And she was using Outlook to set up her appointments.

Sounds pretty good, right? I mean she marked everything off the list that her teachers and mentors told her she needed. It was free. It was quick to implement.  Here’s the deal though. While she “technically” put everything in place that her mentors told her to do what she put into place actually ended up creating MORE back-end administrative work for her. She ended up spending MORE time on tasks that, while necessary in her business, she did not like doing (which meant less time for coaching).

You see her website was very limited and was just a pretty, “brochure” website. It looked nice, but it was not effective.  Your website should work for you just as if you had hired a sales person.  Her opt-in form was not connected to anything. The only thing it did was send an email to the coach’s inbox letting her know XYZ had just subscribed. That visitors name was not saved in a contact list; it simply lived in the email notification. In order for this coach to collect all the names, she had to then manually enter each name/email into her Mailchimp account one-by-one.  And since her opt-in form was not connected to anything, she had to manually set up the follow up messages to be sure she engaged prospects until they were ready to buy.

After piece-mealing three different (quick and free) technologies together, she created so much manual work on the back end; her business became very complex!  Not to mention that she was duplicating her efforts in managing the same data over and over again.  While this is just one example, we see this type of scenario on a regular basis with the start up coaches we encounter. In attempting to put into place everything their trainers and mentors have suggested start up coaches turn the setup of their business into a complex ordeal and long to do lists! UGH!

It as no wonder this particular coach was hesitant to market to large groups of people or network in her community! If someone wanted to get on her mailing list or find out more information, she knew she was facing A LOT of manual labor just to make it all happen.

TRUTH #2: Quick vs. Simple. Make sure your back-office systems are SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE!!!
Quick is not always effective.

Simple systems are integrated with each other – meaning that they share data instantly.  Simple systems are automated – an action in one area automatically triggers an action in another without you having to manually do anything.

As Coaches Console members know, their marketing website is integrated with their opt-in forms, which is integrated with their contact list, follow-up autoresponders, scheduling, client data and payment processing.  You don’t have to manually push data through each of those channels in your business or duplicate your efforts. Simple systems create RESULTS in your business. Results in a growing mailing list, results in converting prospects into paying clients, results in money in your bank account. All without requiring more of your time.

Are the systems you have in place in your business creating results for you; results including a growing mailing list, automated marketing follow-up to every visitor, and prospects easily booking sample sessions?  If not, you may have put into place QUICK (and even free) systems just to get something accomplished. But what is it really accomplishing?!

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