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Breaking Through Coaching Business Myths & Techno Blocks: Myth #3: I’m New To Coaching So I Don’t Have A Free Gift To Grow My List

In this 10-part series, we are exposing The 10 Myths that derail start-up coaches and keep them from fully realizing their passions and profits. In this series of articles we will dive into each myth and turn them around with the truth! By embracing the truths you can locate the courage to move through your fears and breakthrough the blocks in your coaching business!

MYTH #3:  I’m New To Coaching So I Don’t Have A Free Gift To Grow My List

When we are working with start-up coaches in our 9-week Bootcamp Training one of the greatest stuck-points we consistently bump into is in creating and offering a free gift as a lead generation tool.  We hear this all the time, “Could you advise us on our free report. I’m stuck with what to write about.”

The secret is that you already know what to write about, you just don’t realize it yet because you’re not asking the most effective questions.  In this article I want to remove your sense of trepidation about creating and putting together a free gift (or you may call it a free report).

What is a free gift anyway?  It is a short document, maybe 3-5 pages, that lets your prospects know you can relate to them and are able to help them. It provides value for them before they ever become a client and shows them where to go to get more help if they desire it. It’s a simple tool for you to use to engage with prospects rather than trying to convince them.

Here is a simple outline to create your free gift:

  1. Addressing your ideal type of client by describing them
  2. Their top 3, most common challenges
  3. Their top 3 results they desire
  4. One piece (or maybe three pieces) of super, hot wisdom you share with everyone you encounter
  5. Evidence
  6. Invitation

The first part of your free gift, when you describe the challenges they face and the desires and goals the have, it leaves your reader saying things like, “finally, someone who gets me and understands my spot!!!”  If you aren’t sure of your client’s challenges or results – ask them. In this section you build the know-like-trust factor of which all buying decisions are made.

The bulk of your free gift focuses on the one to three pieces of super hot, juicy wisdom that you share with everyone you encounter.  Each “tip” gives the reader/prospect an action to take and a sense of “how” to move from where they currently are to where they want to be.   You’ll give a paragraph about what it means to implement this tip and how it impacts their life. And you’ll provide them a list, a resource or some information that gives examples to implement the tip.

After the reader/prospect finishes reading your free gift, they may still find themselves stuck – good! That is one of the main purposes of your free gift. Why?  Because you and your coaching are their ultimate solution!!  Now they can contact you and say, “I’m still stuck and I think you’ might be able to help me.” And now you have a sample session booked.

TRUTH #3: You Already Know The Answers and The Knowledge, You’ve Just Got To Ask The Right Questions.

Using those six pieces you can build a value-added document filled with tips, wisdom and resources that will leave any prospect better than when they first encountered you… even if they don’t become a client. Now that’s being of service!

Once you’re free gift is created then you can upload it to your opt-in form and autoresponder. Make sure that your opt-in form, webpage, contact list and autoresponder are all integrated with each other so the process of someone opt-ing in to your mailing list and your follow-up marketing is automated and integrating. Coaches Console members know how simple and easy this can be when each of these elements are integrated and automated.

Having your free gift as an effective lead generation tool can make marketing and networking way more fun and engaging.  Automating your marketing can ensure more prospects converting to paying clients. Get started on your free gift today!

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