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The Top 3 Tips for Making Sure Your Business Is Taking Care Of Itself During Holidays

In a recent webinar training, we taught our bootcampers how to “Plan, Prepare, Party & Proceed” before taking extended time away for the holidays so their business is working for them. Three of the tips we shared wow’ed our bootcampers. In this issue we want to pass them along to you as well.

Most entrepreneurs experience one of three symptoms leading up to and during the holidays:

  • Buying into the limiting belief of “it’s the holidays, no one is doing any business right now,” which causes them to let their foot off the gas pedal for the last few weeks of the year.
  • Falling prey to the scarcity belief of “nose to the grindstone” or working countless hours to get it all done. As a result they spend much of their holiday time cramming in time on their computer, away from family and hardly present for many of the functions that occur during this time of the year.
  • Experiencing the stop-start reactionary approach to their business. It looks like this: things are rolling with great momentum as you go into the holidays, then when you leave for the holidays you stop cold turkey on your business so when you return after the new year you’ve “gotta get back on track” and build up momentum again.

Belch! None of those are any fun! So here are the hot tips we shared:

Hot Holiday Tip #1: Self Care Safety Net

You weren’t expecting that one were ya! This is actually the secret sauce to mine and Kate’s success. Self care. BEFORE you leave for the holiday (any holiday or vacation for that matter) schedule into your calendar at least three self-care activities. It might be a massage, a trip to your chiropractor or acupuncturist, or a yoga class. It could simply be sitting on your couch, by the fire curled up reading a good book. Or it could be lunch with friends. Whatever it is, it has to refuel you and rejuvenate you.

By doing this, when you then leave for the holidays you can fully give ALL of yourself to the point of depletion because you know rejuvenation is built in and waiting for you on the other side. It also makes re-entry WAY more fun and effective. The more you’re fueled up, the more of you there is to bring to the projects you’re working on, and the clients you’re serving

It’s important to put it on your calendar in advance BEFORE you leave for vacation!

Hot Holiday Tip #2: Automate Client Care

Create 2 emails in your Console system to send to your clients during the holidays. These emails will focus on the top 2 challenges your client faces during the holidays (it’s their holiday pin island). In this message you’ll describe their challenge, give them a hot tip to overcome it and include a “coaching question” – as if they were on a coaching call with you and brought you this challenge – what coaching question would you ask them.

Then you set a future send date for the first email to be sent during the week of Christmas. And the second email has a future send date for the week of New Year’s. That way while you’re away partying with your family and friends, you’re clients are still being fully supported by you! Your business is taking care of itself!

Hot Holiday Tip #3: Identify your Projects and Tasks For When You Return

Just like the first holiday tip, this is also done BEFORE you leave for vacation. The more planning and preparing you can do ahead of time, the more you’ll avoid the stop-start bumpy experiences of your business.

So PRIOR to leaving for holiday, identify the top three projects that are most important to the first quarter of the year. And for each of those projects identify the next 3 steps/actions for each of those projects. In your Console system, put those tasks on your “to-do list” feature and set up future due dates and reminders. This will equip you to be prepared for when you return from the holiday to know exactly what to focus on when you sit down to your desk.

When implementing these tips you no longer have to dread “getting back on track” or “picking up speed” when returning from holidays and vacation as it was never lost to begin with. You simply continue the momentum you had already begun.

And as a result you’ll have self-care WITHOUT GUILT, because you’ve set it up so your business is taking care of itself! And you can jump in and give your clients last minute tips without missing a great opportunity!

May your holidays and vacations be fuel for your business to work for you instead of you working so fricken hard on your business! That’s where the real magic and fun begins.

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