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How Coaches Console V3 is going to save an extra 6 hours of your time continue our series of articles about the upcoming new release of TCC v3 with a subject that could be more technical and less exciting… thats software infrastructure, programming languages and web technologies!

I can hear you go “BOOOO…”!!! already so I will not go into the technical details at all, I will just give you 3 exciting outcomes you will feel as a result of all the magic our technical team is doing in the background.


This one is easy. When you click around doing something in your current system, each click will load a page. Like for example if you want to read your clients log: you click on Clients tab, Client’s name, Client log… that’s 3 clicks.

Now each time you click, for the system to do it’s work in the background and present you with that information your requested today it takes an average of 2.5 seconds per click.

Each time you click something, you wait 2.5 seconds.

That’s not so much right? It’s perfectly acceptable and we want to improve it.

Soooo… the same clicks in V3 will take…. drumroll…. 0.5 seconds.
That’s 5 TIMES the speed!!!


So now we know V3 is going to save you 2 SECONDS of YOUR LIFE each time you click your mouse.

We’re geeks so let’s play math!

2 seconds x 30 clicks each day x 365 days/year = 6.08 hours each year!

V3 will save you 6 HOURS each year. [[APPLAUSE]] [[ CROWD CHEERING ]]


To do these performance upgrades what we did is redo the whole thing. We threw everything in the trash can, and started fresh.

We kept the things we learned in the 10 years we’re doing this and we applied the latest technologies.

It was a tough call and a huge effort of several people on the team working around the clock for a year and a lot $$$ invested.

But here’s catch: we are a company who invests in the future. In the software world the future is only a few years away. What we design today, is obsolete or at least old news in 5 years.

These new investments in the future ensure that we are able to keep or system current with the latest technologies and continue to improve it for you.

I can’t wait to write a similar article like this 5 years from now and I would love for you to read it.

Cosmin Costin
Chief Geek

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A New Perspective on Giving Back

At The Coaches Console, we’re passionate about giving.

In fact, “Give generously” is the fourth of our 4 “rules of money” (which we adapted from our friend and mentor Barbara Stanny) ONLY AFTER spend less than you’re making, save more than you think you need, and invest wisely – so your money works for you to grow itself!

Because you’re a member of our cherished community, we believe you’re likely passionate about giving, too.

So many coaches and entrepreneurs, though, get into the “need to give now” mentality, which we believe is a mistake.

That’s why, today, we want to offer a new perspective on giving.

As women business owners, we have to take care of ourselves first, and give second. The mistake happens when you reverse that order, and give from a sacrifice mentality rather than an abundance mentality.

It’s only when we give from the overflow that we are able to do so in a way that gives the absolute most we have to offer of ourselves, our time, and our money.

In fact, it’s taken us 10 years to create the overflow we’re talking about here – to get to the point where we can give back the way we really want to.

From Melinda:

Recently, while reading “Return to Love” in front of the fire on a snowy day, I had an epiphany (and of course, I immediately knew I wanted to share it with you!).

I thought about Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp and The Coaches Console launch, and the wonderful, amazing support we were receiving from our joint venture and affiliate partners, to reach as many coaches as we can with The Coaches Console and Bootcamp.

And while thinking about the power of true “win-win-win-win” situations and creating a QUADRUPLE bottom line, I wondered … how can we leverage the launch competition, contests, and full-out support of one another to support other causes in need… causes bigger than ourselves?

In other words, I wondered: “How can we create more so we can give more?”

Here’s the thing.

In our minds, 1+1=11.

As individuals, we each can do something – we can take steps toward our ultimate goals and aspirations. And we each can contribute something, which can be good.

When we come together, though, we can do so much more! We can create more, and we can give more.

And everything we just did with our spring Easy Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp and The Coaches Console launch is illustrative of this concept.

Through our “Give-Back Contest,” we rallied our joint venture and affiliate partners, and they sent us referrals and made sales, all with the goal of raising enough for us to give gifts in their honor (gifts like sending a girl to school, launching women’s businesses in Haiti and providing clean water for villages).

The money began coming in … and thanks to the overflow, the gifts went out! This is the Law of Reciprocity, at its finest. As we receive, so we give. And as we give, so we receive, and we are honored to take part in it.

As you’re probably aware, we had goals that were way beyond stats and conversions for our most recent launch. Of course, we always want to fulfill our passion to serve coaches so they can better do what they’re meant to be doing. Second, we wanted to use the rewards from filling that passion to give to causes bigger than us.

So we asked people to join us in our “Give-Back Contest.”

And we’re happy to announce, it was a resounding success.

We did it!!

During the 6 days comprising our launch, we contributed more than $14,000 to

And now for the individual results! (Drumroll, please…)

  • Empowering 3 Women Farmers in Nepal (a $525 gift in honor of Michael Port)
  • Launch 2 Business: 2 women of Haiti building their own enterprises (a $730 gift in honor of Emily Levy)
  • Give an Ark of livestock (a $5000 gift in honor of Michelle Schbunel)
  • Send 3 girls to school (an $825 gift in honor of Ana Melikian)
  • Clean Water for 3 villages (a $900 gift in honor of Ana Melikian)
  • An Ark of livestock (a $5000 gift in honor of Jeanna Gabellini)
  • Launch 3 businesses: 3 women of Haiti building their own enterprise (a $1095 gift in honor of ALL of our affiliates)
  • Plus, chicks, goats, rabbits, bees and other surprise donations given in honor of individual affiliates

To be totally transparent (and a bit vulnerable), our Mindblowing Goal was that, as a result of this launch, we’d be able to contribute $25,000 to Global causes bigger than all of us.

We hit $14000, and we think that is pretty awesome!

We’ve dreamed of giving back like this since we opened The Coaches Console a decade ago.

Now we’re able to do it, together with you!

Here’s the link where you can read the details about our “Taking Care of Hearts While Taking Care of Business Campaign and our “Give-Back Contest.”

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