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Tell me if I’ve got this right?

You’re a crazy-good, talented coach (go ahead, admit it!)...

You adore helping your students and clients grow into the people they long to be…

And you’re so keen to have a successful coaching practice that takes care of your family… and fulfills your dreams… you can practically taste it!

And yet, the reality is…

As much as you’d love to charge more for what you do, you feel squeamish about it. Time after time, you doubt your abilities as a coach, so you end up low-balling your prices. And sometimes even give your programs and services away.

And there’s more…

You know how in enrollment conversations when everything seems to go swimmingly until you get to the money part? And then that enthusiastic prospect turns all kinds of wonky and says, “Hmm, let me think about it…” And YOU start to feel uncomfortable, too, thinking, “Oh no, it’s happening again.”

Yah. That. :-(

If that’s resonating with you, please know you’re not alone.

Most coaches that come into my world – and I’ve worked with THOUSANDS through the years – feel this way when they come to me.

That’s because when they first set out to change the world with their amazing coaching skills, they never got the right training to package their services into high-value offers. They never got the right training to guide prospects through their doubts and objections during enrollment conversations. And so those initial enrollment calls were often awkward, embarrassing, and painful.

Left unchecked, those enrollment convo experiences became the norm. They created deep-seated discomfort… and even an expectation of less-than-stellar outcomes.

Like low-ball pricing. Or giving away programs and services when prospects balk. Anything just to get them to sign up and escape the discomfort.

The good news (and this is really good news!) is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you have expert coaches, helping you in a super-safe environment…

…and helping you create and present well-priced, high-value offers…

…you can blossom into a confident coach who is a NATURAL at enrolling your ideal clients.

In fact, you can get SO good at this, you’ll enjoy enrolling new clients into your high-value offers as much as you enjoy coaching them and delivering your amazing transformation!

Just think what that will do for your income! Your business! Your life!

It’s all possible. No matter your experience or success, it’s entirely possible for YOU.

And I’d love to help you get there. :-)


In The Profitable Enrollment System Program, you’ll discover how to create well-priced, high-value offers. How to stand firm in your confidence as an effective coach. And how to master the art and science of profitable, win:win enrollments to get more clients… guaranteed.

You’ll get ALL the tools, resources, scripts, and templates you need to help make the enrollment conversation easier, and make overcoming objections smoother.

Plus, you’ll PRACTICE everything you learn in roleplay scenarios with other students. And you’ll receive feedback, support, and help from me (Melinda!) and the Coaches Console coaches.

And as you hone your skills and build your confidence, that’s when the magic happens…

…every time you get on a call with an ideal prospect, you’ll feel well-prepared and excited. Maybe even a little giddy with expectation!

…your prospect’s eyes will light up because they can clearly imagine the result of working with you…

…and you’ll stand your ground in the face of money objections or any other kind of resistance.

Then you simply, confidently help your prospect get clear about their next, best step, which is usually enrolling into your services.

That’s what happens when you know how to present high-value offers and conduct PROFITABLE enrollment conversations.

And that’s what’s waiting for you inside The Profitable Enrollment System Program.

Here’s How It Works

This 4-month program is divided into two phases.

In Phase 1, you will learn the strategies for – and practice – profitable enrollment conversations. You’ll do this in a safe container – what I call ‘training pods’ – with your coach and peers. And you’ll get tons of feedback from me to help you hone your skills and confidence.

In Phase 2, you will start having REAL enrollment conversations with prospects that you lined up during Phase 1. And you will be fully prepared to invite them into your new, high-value offer because of all the training and practicing you’ve already completed! PLUS, every week you will have a group debrief call with me to get the coaching and feedback you need to convert these prospects into paying clients.

You will also…

Keep in mind…

…you will be nurtured and cared for as you practice everything you discover! My team and I will be here for you, guiding you, answering your questions, providing constant feedback to help you grow in skill and confidence.

Enrollment Training Designed For Coaches, By Coaches

You’ll discover how to use the coaching skills you already have to lead effective, profitable enrollment conversations… and help your prospects make the decision that’s right for them.

Our approach is authentic, ethical, and service-based. And you’ll find that, with practice, it becomes as easy and comfortable as leading a regular coaching session.

Even better, our enrollment training WORKS! Take a look…

“The [Profitable EnroIlment System] program is invaluable if you want to have more clients and grow your business … learning how to enroll someone and handle their objections can put extra money in your pocket while allowing you to serve more people. I went from being hesitant and scared about giving enrollment conversations to a feeling of “bring it on,” and really looking forward to having as many conversations as possible.”

- Jan Cerasaro- Jan Cerasaro

“This is a great program to really learn and become comfortable with the enrollment conversation. The process makes the conversation so much more natural as you practice, practice, practice. As Melinda says, ‘Practice makes permanent.’”

Melissa Fairchild- Melissa Fairchild

“The enrollment conversations in practice … have been the best form of fear-busting I have experienced. You feel safe enough to get brave enough, and you practice long enough to get confident enough … . I now feel relaxed enough to appear confident and I just love feeling so much more solid in my body. The ripple effect is that all my conversations with others, both for work and personally, have become more joyful.”

Kirin Parmar- Kirin Parmar

All the Coaching and Support You Need to Confidently Lead Profitable Enrollment Conversations That Convert

The Profitable Enrollment System Program includes all the training, coaching, and support you’ll need to confidently sell your coaching services, enroll more clients, and fill your coaching practice.

To help you make that happen, you will…

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Enrollment skills are a cornerstone of running a successful coaching business. The best coaching and marketing skills in the world can’t create the income and impact you desire without them!

But once you can confidently lead profitable enrollment conversations that empower your prospects to say “Yes!” to themselves… “Yes!” to you as their coach… and “Yes!” to your high-value offer…

Your new clients win… because now they’re clear, committed, and ready to transform their lives with your guidance.

And YOU win, because you're going to help them achieve their dreams and grow your impact.

You also win because every new client that comes aboard is profitable! You feel amply rewarded for your expertise. Your revenue grows… and your freedom to enjoy your business and life grows.

One more thing…

Your CONFIDENCE grows too.

And as your confidence grows… your enrollment success grows… your impact grows… your revenue grows… your freedom grows.

It’s what I call the Flywheel of Confidence. And the good news is… anyone can start spinning their own Flywheel of Confidence.

That’s one of the many things we’re going to help you do inside this program.

In fact, just check out what our students have to say…

Got Questions About the Program?

You’ll find answers to some common questions below. If you don’t see yours, then feel free to send an email to with your question.

Oh my goodness… you’re in for a surprise! Most coaches don’t believe they have the makings for a high-value offer when they first come to me. They’re so used to offering sessions at a set price, they can’t see the bounty of all they give beyond their own noses. So I’m betting you’re not accounting for everything you’re actually providing to your clients.

But when you look at your business through my eyes, you’ll see without a doubt… you can create a high-value offer of at least $1,000, if not much more. And I’ll show you how it’s done.

When you join me for The Profitable Enrollment System Program, not only will you learn how to ditch low-ball pricing and giveaways for good...

... you’re also going to discover how to price your offers so they’re aligned with the results you deliver (more on that in a moment) – and feel GOOD about it. That way, your prospects will feel confident you know what you’re doing, and that your price is a fair reflection of the value they receive.

Trust me... once you get the hang of it, earning more money with every new signup is a joy!

Either way, you’re in luck. Even if you’re pretty good at enrolling prospects into your offers, the Intensive is going to be a gamechanger for you.

That’s because I show you exactly what you need to create enticing, high-value offers…

…and coach prospects through their fears and struggles…

…and help them get clear about their best next step – which can be enrolling into your program or service!

There’s an art and science to this vital business skill. And you’re going to learn, practice, and master both in our 4 months together.

My friend, imagine me sitting next to you. Now I’m looking you right in the eyes. And now I’m telling you… You. Got. This.

You 100% absolutely can deliver on your promise. What you’re missing – and you didn’t quite realize it until this moment – is the nuts and bolts know-how of creating a high-value offer… AND expressing the value in a clear, succinct way. And that’s what the program is all about: to help you empower prospects to say “YES!” to themselves, to you, and to your vehicle of transformation.

Trust me… it’s a powerful, heady skill to have. One that builds your confidence as it builds your bank account. And now you get to have it for yourself. :-)


Is The Profitable Enrollment System Program Right for You?

I’ll be honest with you… The Profitable Enrollment System Program is not for everyone.

Some people still want the silver bullet, one-size-fits-all approach to enrolling prospects into high-value offers.

They’re hoping for a plug-and-play, easy-peasy solution that will help them onboard oodles of clients and students without doing much of anything.

That’s not what we’re doing here. :-)


If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, ask questions, be persistent… AND be a little vulnerable in a SAFE and caring environment among people who get you, and will do everything in their power to help you succeed…

You’re a PERFECT candidate for The Profitable Enrollment System Program.

And sooner than you can imagine, you’ll be a profitable enrollment ace… confidently, smoothly, and successfully inviting new clients into your products and services. Expanding your impact. Growing your income. And having a lot more fun in your business and life.

Just keep in mind that the doors to The Profitable Enrollment System Program are only open until midnight Pacific on Tuesday, August 9!

I can’t wait to see you inside the program. :-)