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Strategize That is currently offering complimentary 30 minute sessions where together we will:

  • Create a vision for what success means to you
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are holding you back from getting the career/business you desire
  • Get energized by crafting an initial action plan to move you closer to realizing your goals.

We look forward to helping you get career clarity and are excited to offer you this session. We take these free intros very seriously to ensure sure you are getting the greatest value from our time working together. Let's make the most of it! 

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  •  Established Executive
  •  Successful Solopreneur
  •  Geared-up Graduate
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Established executives

  •  Taking control of my career
  •  Goal setting
  •  Getting promoted
  •  Transitioning to a new role
  •  Exploring entirely new career paths
  •  General career dissatisfaction - help me uncover why!
  •  Other

Successful Solopreneurs

  •  Building my own strategic business plan
  •  Setting forth an exciting and realistic growth agenda
  •  Brainstorming marketing, service and product ideas
  •  Expanding my business
  •  Examining my revenue and profitability potential
  •  Other

Geared-up Graduates

  •  Landing my dream job
  •  Setting my 5 year career plan in motion
  •  Getting off to the right start day one - navigating business vs university
  •  Resume review
  •  Interview prep
  •  Other