The “Get 8 Clients in 8 Weeks” Challenge

Enroll new clients, discover how to enjoy a consistent coaching income,
and establish yourself as a highly sought-after coach…
no matter where your business is at right now.

Here’s What to Expect:

In this hands-on, engaging challenge, Melinda and her team will guide you through a proven system to enroll new clients. Over the 8 weeks (from Monday, April 8, through Friday, June 7), you’ll get the practical, easy-to-follow steps that will help you bring in new clients in a predictable, systematic way.

Each week, you’ll receive a short-but-powerful training that includes a simple action step for you to complete. You’ll also be able to attend a live, interactive session where you can get personalized support and feedback on your progress.

And you’ll get the support and encouragement of like-minded coaches in our challenge Facebook group. Simply follow the plan, and you’ll put your coaching business on the fast track to success!

Plus, you'll get a 30-day trial of The Coaches Console Total Console System (value $297/month) so you can easily contact prospects, schedule calls, and manage your clients more effectively. This will let you focus on what you do best – transforming lives through coaching. Then after your 30-day trial of the system, you will begin billing monthly at a reduced rate of $197 a month.

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish Over the 8 Weeks:

  • Start landing clients consistently… once you have a system that’s enrolled 8 clients in 8 weeks, you can use that same system over and over to keep your calendar booked with clients…
  • Discover the simple conversation framework that helps you easily answer the question that most new coaches hate: “So what do you do?” (Hint: The answer is NOT “I’m a coach.”)
  • No list? No problem! We’ll show you where to find an untapped pool of potential clients, and we’ll even give you a fill-in-the-blank template that makes it easy to reach them.
  • Learn how to talk about your offer so clearly that your coaching packages basically sell themselves…
  • Uncover the goldmine that helps you reach FAR more potential clients. Everyone has this resource – if they know where to look!
  • Get the secret to enrollment conversations that makes clients enthusiastic to work with you… no outdated, high-pressure sales tactics necessary! This turns awkward conversations into something you actually look forward to…
  • Get the tools you need to give your clients exceptional support and a 5-star experience, so you can build your client base AND your reputation.
  • Provide a seamless checkout experience with your very own professional, secure virtual shopping cart…
  • Streamline your business operations with our easy-to-use coaching software. It’s like having a personal assistant who gets things done for you – and much faster than doing it on your own!
  • Gain the confidence that comes with knowing you can build a full roster of clients, and proudly share your accomplishments with friends, family, and fellow coaches…
  • …and more!

Grow Your Coaching Business AND Your Impact:

When you implement these strategies and systems, there’s no limit to how much you can earn with your coaching business. You could easily hit 6 figures in a short amount of time.

However, we know that launching your coaching business is hard enough already, so we don’t want finances to be a barrier. That’s why, when you register today, you’ll pay just $8 to participate in the challenge.

That small investment covers everything you need to complete the challenge, including your weekly lessons, participation in our Facebook challenge group, and live implementation calls. Plus, we’re giving you a special bonus to supercharge your progress – you’ll get your very own The Coaches Console portal, accessible from day 1 of the challenge.

Your portal is like a personal command center – one that makes it even easier to get your 8 new clients. And the best part? You’ll be able to explore and use this powerful tool at no extra cost for the first 30 days. (You can choose to cancel your service at any time, but if you stay on we’ll also share how you can save $100 per month as a challenge participant.)

Register Now for The “Get 8 Clients in 8 Weeks” Challenge (For Just $8!)
Challenge Starts Monday, April 8!

*After your 30-day trial of The Coaches Console ends on May 8, your membership will automatically continue at a special rate of $197 per month – a savings of $100 each month off the regular price!


About the Presenter:

Melinda Cohan is the CEO of The Coaches Console and author of The Confident Coach. The Coaches Console is a software, training and coaching company that’s helped more than 76,000 coaches worldwide build sustainable, profitable businesses, so they can do more of what they love most: coaching… transforming lives… and making a GREAT living.