The Coaches Console takes care of all the key back office processes of your practice for you -- AND it grows along with your business, too!
And here are the awesome results some of our clients had in their businesses showcasing exactly that.

Hear what some of our clients say about The Coaches Console:

Read what some of our clients say about The Coaches Console:

Mateja Vadnjal

Great Support!

Shout out to Tech Support and Marius for great support. Thank you so much!

~ Mateja Vadnjal
Elizabeth Hill

The Coaches Console Helps Me To Be Much Cleaner And Organized.

I love the way we can take session notes & see the answers to the call strategy form right above. I can't wait to start using this with my clients! Til now I've kept extremely lengthy google doc notes I think this will be much cleaner/organized and help me provide more value during each session.

~ Elizabeth Hill
Angelique Beauregard

Affiliate Tracking Through The Coaches Console.

This is so cool! I was able to send out an email using an affiliate's code through the Console system! I'm super stoked!.

~ Angelique Beauregard
Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

Launching Products Is Easy With The Coaches Console.

I had a feeling that Infusionsoft was more complex than I need (and, really, may ever need) - I had a friend opt in to Infusionsoft, spent a fortune on VA's, and then never used the system because it was too complicated. I launched a similar product as her, stuck it on my console, created an opt in and was on my way.

~ Priscilla Hansen Mahoney
Lori Wayne

Automation Allows Me To Build My List And Offer People Sample Sessions, Without Breaking A Sweat!

I love, love, love my console system. I have had my free gift and auto-responders set up and available for quite some time and those are great, but this week I launched something new.

I built a self study Money Wellness coaching program and decided to go out to my list (in my console system) and on to facebook and offer it as a complimentary self study. I created a unique set of auto-responders for it and launched it earlier this week.

I am super excited about how it is being received out there - lots of people on my list are opting in so it gives me an additional way to touch them and I am getting new opt-ins from the facebook post. I just love the fact that this is all automated out of my system and that I can use it to build my list and offer people the sample session opportunity.

~ Lori Wayne
Tina Jasion

I Love The Coaches Console's Tools.

I just accepted a new client from an organization for whom I serve as a coach in their ministry start up incubation process. Today, I completed the Coaching Agreement and two series of autoresponders with forms to keep these clients moving forward in their start up ventures! Thank you Coaches Console for the excellent tools that you provide!

~ Tina Jasion
Devora Gila-Berkowitz

Hands-Free List Building.

Waiting for my flight I just signed up someone for a free gift and now they are on my list! #ilovemytcc

~ Devora Gila-Berkowitz
Carol Kieny

I Don’t Want To Be A Web Designer.

I had looked at other coaching platforms, to see what’s out there. I signed up for a trial membership with another coaching platform and could not figure out how to even create a simple webpage. I was told by their support staff that I should take the time to sit down and learn 10 hours of video instruction on building a website.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be a website designer. I want an easy, simple to understand platform, to advertise and market my practice. So that is why I signed up for The Coaches Console. They get that I do not want to be a computer expert, and have designed their platform to be easily used by coaches and therapists.

~ Carol Kieny
Catherine Russo Epstein

Selling My Evergreen And Live Group Courses Through The Coaches Console.

I signed up for The Coaches Console years ago with the intention of selling my courses - and that is exactly what I’m doing. I currently have 4 active courses and some are evergreen and come are live group programs. The interface is easy to use and having everything in one place is a game changer.

~ Catherine Russo Epstein
Marilla Arguelles

Wonderful Support Team To Help When You Need It.

The instructions of the support members are marvelously specific. They are such a great help. I am sure I would have gone thru Hell and back trying to figure everything out myself, and luckily I don’t have to. I am very grateful.

~ Marilla Arguelles
Karen Kitt

Exceptional Customer Service And Instruction.

'Shout Out' to Stephanie Burger for providing exceptional customer service and instruction this busy Monday start of the work week!

I was able to complete my landing page in time for my YouTube Broadcast scheduled later this week. I'm very pleased with my offer and hope to expand my list of prospects.

Keep rocking and rolling, Stephanie! We appreciate you!

~ Karen Kitt
Bill Baren

Before Implementing Coaches Console We Were Limited By The Number Of Clients We Could Serve.

Coaches Console is a life saver for our coaching team. Before implementing Coaches Console we were limited by the number of clients we could serve and our coaches often felt scattered and overwhelmed. It was difficult to keep all of our coaching notes straight, keep track of client agreements, and to feel fully prepared for each client appointment.

~ Bill Baren
Lynda Wallace

Thanks Not Only For Offering Such A Great System, But For Having Such A Kind And Knowledgeable Person To Help Your Clients Take Full Advantage Of It!

I’m a new coach and a new user of Coaches Console, and I’ve been very pleased with the system. It is wonderful not to have to pay a developer to custom-build these features into my site, and to have access to features I honestly wouldn’t have thought of on my own. So thank you for providing such a useful service. But as much as I like the system, I’m really writing to let you know how absolutely delighted I’ve been with the technical support I’ve received from Marius Chitosca. I’ve had questions almost every day over the past week as I’ve been setting up my system, site interface, and payment options, and Marius has always responded quickly with just the information I’ve needed.

Marius’s professionalism, expertise, and helpful friendliness have gotten me off to a great start as a Coaches Console user, and I thought you’d like to know just how much I appreciate the wonderful support I’ve received. So thanks not only for offering such a great system, but for having such a kind and knowledgeable person to help your clients take full advantage of it!

~ Lynda Wallace
Mollie Malone

The Coaches Console Helps Keep Me Organized And Efficient, While Presenting A Professional, “Got It Together” Image.

The Coaches Console helps keep me organized and efficient, while presenting a professional, “got it together” image. I get to spend my time on what I do best –helping people know what they want to do with their lives.

~ Mollie Malone
Kate Anthony

This Truly Is The Greatest Gift To The Coaching Community I’ve Come Across.

Thank you, Coaches Console!!! I just set up and automated ONE YEAR of monthly newsletters. All beautifully laid out, streamlined and branded. Your service is helping me streamline all aspects of my business and I feel like I’m just getting started!! I also imported my entire list from MailChimp with ease and now have everything hubbed in one place, and best of all, AUTOMATED!!! My opt-in is clear and followups automated; my website is fully contained and designed This truly is the greatest gift to the coaching community I’ve come across. And I know I don’t take advantage of 75% of what you have to offer! THANK YOU!!!!!!

~ Kate Anthony
Will Craig

A Must Have!

You can tell this system was developed by experienced coaches. It meets the coach exactly where they are in their practice and takes the fear out of the business and marketing side of coaching. A must have!

~ Will Craig
Corinne McElroy

I Do Believe This Is The Tool That Will Help All Of Us Coaches To Take Our Business To The Next Level.

To the many that are just thinking about signing up with The Coaches Console. DO IT, DO IT NOW. It is not just for coaches. Anyone that is working with a client base will benefit from what The Coaches Console offers. I have been coaching now for 3 years and the clients I had been working with before are always telling me how much they love the new tools I am providing them through The Coaches Console. I am not chasing money anymore; I do not have to go back and forth with emails and calls to schedule and reschedule clients. This has freed me up big time. I love the ongoing support from The Coaches Console. The Tuesday and Thursday calls are wonderful. I do believe this is the tool that will help all of us coaches to take our business to the next level.

~ Corinne McElroy
Cherise Greski-Lesniewicz

There Is So Much That I Really Like About The Coaches Console.

I really enjoy using The Coaches Console. My ability to update the display to match my website design and colors has been great. But one of the greatest efficiencies I have discovered is the ability to put all my specialized forms up on the web, organize them by category and then point my clients to the documents section to find the information. They can download that information directly and I do not have to remember if I gave them a form, process or document. If they misplace it, they can log back in and retrieve it. I coach clients worldwide so I really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to keep calculating time zones. My clients can see my availability and schedule themselves directly.

There is so much that I really like about The Coaches Console – including the quick responses to my requests for technical assistance. While I am very technically savvy, I found that I don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to leverage the Console in the best way to fit my practice needs.

~ Cherise Greski-Lesniewicz
Anthony Stewart

Definitely One Of The Best Business/Client Systems I Have Seen To Date.

The Coaches Console helps me to better manage my wellness coaching time and simplifies my every day business tasks. Being able to create your own assessment forms and questionnaire is a life saver. I get to ask my clients just the right questions to help them on their quest to a wellness lifestyle. Being able to create your own newsletters, invoices and setting up appointments just to name a few features makes this a complete business solution for life and wellness coaches everywhere.

I also love the training calls and webinars, the information provided is so helpful to new and seasoned coaches alike. Definitely one of the best business/client systems I have seen to date, you can be anywhere and still have access to all information being that the system is web based. This system is so easy to use for both clients and coaches alike. Thank you for this must have tool.

~ Anthony Stewart
Ana Scherer

This System Is Simply The Best Thing Since Lox And Bagels!

The Coaches Console seems to have been custom-made for my business’ needs! It simply has every feature I wanted and more. I travel quite a bit and the system keeps all the information I need extremely handy no matter where I go. This system is simply the best thing since lox and bagels!

~ Ana Scherer
Scott Seagren

All Of My Clients Are Impressed By The Professional Look And Ease Of Use Of My User Interface...

Gratefully, I found The Coaches Console just as my business was growing beyond where I could manage it “by hand.” All of my clients are impressed by the professional look and ease of use of my user interface, and know right up front that my business has credibility, longevity and integrity. I highly recommend this system to any service provider who is serious about their business and needs help managing all the back office.

~ Scott Seagren
Maripat Abbott

Thanks To Your Entire Team For Creating A System That Is Like My Own Personal Assistant, Saving Me Time And Money.

I recommend that all of my clients who are also coaches join Coaches Console immediately – whether they have 1 or 25 clients. Aligning with this system gives you an immediate professional presence in your industry AND sends a clear message to yourself and the Universe that you are up to big things as a coach. I save hours of time using Coaches Console to support my facilitation of tele-seminars. The system allows me to set up separate groups for each class, and have all resources readily available to attach to emails. The customer service is also exemplary – if I ever have a question, it is answered in no time at all with clear, concise direction.

Thanks to your entire team for creating a system that is like my own personal assistant, saving me time and money. The additional, free information offered during Tuesdays at 2 and now Thursdays at 3 calls allows me to be on top of the latest happenings in the industry in an easy and convenient way. I especially love the option of listening to the recorded call if I miss the live version.

~ Maripat Abbott
Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

It’s The Greatest Gift I’ve Received Since I’ve Joined The Coaching Industry.

The Coaches Console has been a God send for me! As a mentor coach specializing in helping launch new coaches into healthy businesses, I can rely on The Coaches Console to support my clients in two powerful ways. First, they have a presence on my site through a “client login” where their vision and intentions are stated and updated. I can serve them first as clients and The Coaches Console deepens the professionalism of my coaching offering.

Secondly, I can help them create a support system for their practice, creating a professional foundation for them to focus on attracting their clients. It’s the greatest gift I’ve received since I’ve joined the coaching industry. Thank you Melinda, Kate and Tom!

~ Jean-Pierre LeBlanc
Lin Schreiber

I’m A Raving Fan And Recommend Coaches Console Without Hesitation!

Yes, yes, and a resounding yes! I’ve been using Coaches Console since they started. Because I had my own website and all my systems set up already, I used them initially only for tracking my client coaching hours for certification…which by the way is a dream. One click of a button and you have a perfectly formatted report! About a year ago, my VA Donna Gunter convinced me to start using more of the Coaches Console features, and I’m so glad I did.

My welcome package and forms, session prep forms, client scheduling, etc. are all on my Coaches Console site (that clients access from the Clients Only section of my own website), and have really streamlined and simplified my client management. My coaching group management has gone from a nightmare to a dream, and I love the ability to communicate with my clients individually or in groups, again, at the click of a button.

The best part is that Coaches Console has an awesome customer service team, and they always listen to the needs of their customers and are continually adding new and improved features. I’m a raving fan and recommend Coaches Console without hesitation!

~ Lin Schreiber
Kathryn Bonner

You Will Wonder How You Ever Ran Your Coaching Practice Without It! You Will LOVE It!

I love this system! My clients do too! The Coaches Console is everything I need. It’s at my disposal, on my time table, even from anywhere I might be traveling! I am a professional, and want my clients to experience professionalism from me, they deserve that from me.

I like having a place where my clients can go when they need to do a bit more self discovery, some soulful digging into their lives and have a place they can “journal” it out, become more intentional with their life purpose. I have discovery questions for them to ponder, and really get in touch with, they can come back and forth onto the site and fill in the questions. When they do this the system emails me that one of my clients has updated some of their information! I know that this is potentially something to coach around on our next session! I post my homework for the client there. I can take my own personal notes there as well. It has caused me to be able to remember things that I’d forgotten!

It’s a life saver for me! This system takes care of my financials, billing/accounting reports, even client birthdays! How great is that! Clients have the ability to re-schedule their appointments where I have open slots available, in a calendar that they can view! It does newsletters… Oh, I could go on and on… You will wonder how you ever ran your coaching practice without it! You will LOVE it!

~ Kathryn Bonner
David Josephson

Outstanding! I Applaud You And Your Team.

I love the system. As a coach, I now have a single place where I can add all of my client notes. Before I had files stuffed in file folders both computer and physical. Now with a touch of a button, I now know what is going on and where my client needs to go next. Hence building my confidence to add more clients without feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, I am receiving very exciting feedback from my clients for both the system and for my services. I have had a good idea that my clients love my services just not to what degree. Recently a new client wrote in her Discover form that her greatest regret would have been not using my services as they have had such a profound impact on her business and life. This is why I got into coaching in the first place!

So I now have greater control over my business, my clients see a greater benefit in coaching, and they are able to log in and complete exercises and questions which we both can see. They are better organized and energized and it looks like I spent a small fortune on the platform. What an outstanding product! And by the way I have only been a client for 30 days and you have re-energized me and my clients! Outstanding! I applaud you and your team.

~ David Josephson
Carla D. Sloan

The Ease Of Use And The Intuitiveness Of Their System Is Fantastic.

I am so glad that I stumbled over The Coaches Console early in my coaching career. The ease of use and the intuitiveness of their system is fantastic. I love how it keeps all things organized in one location. As I grow my business, my clients will be able to access paperwork including invoices via this site. Each client will have a secure logon ID and password so confidentiality is locked in place. Kate was superb at walking me through the system and Melinda did a great job in providing me with references and answering all pre-purchase questions.

~ Carla D. Sloan
Marcia Walker

I Can Concentrate More On Coaching, And That Is What I Love!

I want to coach. I have to run a business so that I get to coach. The Coaches Console makes that part easier! It gives me some structure to follow and fit into so I don’t have to spend so much time and energy figuring out how to run a business. I can concentrate more on coaching, and that is what I love!

~ Marcia Walker
Marci S. Moore

Your Package Has Allowed Us To Grow Our Business Rxponentially By Making The ‘Business” Part Of Coaching So Much Easier.

Thanks for such a speedy response and thanks for being such a customer centric company. Your package has allowed us to grow our business exponentially by making the ‘business” part of coaching so much easier.

~ Marci S. Moore
Kris Risley

This Makes Maintaining My Coaching Practice Very Easy And Fun!

I am new to The Coaches Console this month and must say that I am so excited to be a part of this fabulous system. Within one week of registering with The Coaches Console, I have a website, clients only area where my clients can access all the necessary documents to get started quickly with our coaching (no more searching through my on-line Word files to find the most current version of my Welcome Packet), and an on-line payment system. My site is professional looking and easy to use (both for me and my clients). I had been looking for a program like this for a long time and even checked out a couple of other programs and am so glad I chose this one. It is simple and intuitive and the personalized support I have gotten from Melinda is incredible! Plus, now I can be anywhere in the world and access my coaching files no matter where I am. This makes maintaining my coaching practice very easy and fun! Thank you!

~ Kris Risley
Lori Radun

All Of The Features That This Software Offers Are Truly Amazing, And I Am So Glad I Decided To Come On Board.

I just wanted to tell you that I am new to The Coaches Console, and I absolutely love it!!! Before I decided to join your team, I was hesitating about whether or not it was worth the monthly fee I was going to pay. After going through all the training calls and getting my system all set up, I am bubbling over with excitement.

It is worth every penny. It makes my coaching practice so much more organized, and I look extremely professional to my clients. I am starting to get feedback from my clients as well, and they really like it. All of the features that this software offers are truly amazing, and I am so glad I decided to come on board. Thank you for thinking of us coaches and creating The Coaches Console.

~ Lori Radun
Nicole & Chris Auer

The Program Has Helped To Bring Our Online Practice To Life...

Our experience using Coaches Console has been entirely positive thus far. The program has helped to bring our online practice to life by providing a secure and user-friendly interface that makes client management a breeze. Less time focused on online business management has translated into more time and energy devoted to our clients.

~ Nicole & Chris Auer
Joan Bell

The Console Is A BRILLIANT Concept...

The Console is a BRILLIANT concept for people like me who LOATHE paperwork and detail. The service you provide is also fabulous. Such a joy in todays fast paced serviceless (is that a word?) world.

~ Joan Bell
Courtney Parks

The Coaches Console Is Like Having Your Own Virtual Assistant...

Using The Coaches Console is like having your own virtual assistant for just a few dollars a month! It has made running my coaching business so smooth and easy by cutting time and energy out of the intake process, scheduling, tracking my hours and so much more. Now I can focus on clients, marketing and creating programs that serve more people and make me more money. And since I’ve hired my own VA, she gets to use this fabulous system too!

~ Courtney Parks
Tom Beeson

My Clients Are Giving Rave Reviews About The Coaches Console.

My clients are giving rave reviews about The Coaches Console. I would often forget to send client notes and now with the new system I can send out client notes in 5 minutes just after completing each session. This has taken communication with all my clients to a refreshingly new level.

~ Tom Beeson
Jacinta Whelan

The Coaches Console Keeps You Organized During This Busy Time, And Keeps All The Details In Order.

I recently had the chance to experience what it’s like to be a superstar with adoring fans, and just as importantly, the benefit of having all my prospects and contacts uploaded into The Coaching Console system and a thank-you email prepared before giving a talk. If you do a great talk, which I did yesterday, the following day you’ll have to deal with your adoring fans. They’ll be phoning you, emailing you, texting you, messaging you, sending you pictures from the event, and inviting you to speak at their events or attending their networking breakfasts.

People from other organizations will see your speaking and the great reviews you’re getting, and they’ll want to brainstorm with you or become a referral or joint venture partner. Suddenly, one speaking engagement turns into three. You will be so busy in the swirl that you won’t eat breakfast until 3 p.m., you’ll coach until 5 p.m. and then you’ll attend another networking event. The new clients you’ve enrolled will have already logged into your Coaches Console and filled out their forms, raring to go while you’re out drumming up more business.

The Coaches Console keeps you organized during this busy time, and keeps all the details in order, from new contacts to prospects to clients to scheduling. What was it you guys said about choosing a marketing strategy you love? For me, this is it – and The Coaches Console gives me exactly what I need to make it happen.

~ Jacinta Whelan
Thomas J Thole

I Finally Feel I Can Be The Coach I Am Meant To Be.

This product is the greatest ever created! From the platform, to the ease of use, to the support, it is amazing. I finally feel I can be the coach I am meant to be. I have everything done already: my website, my free gift, as well and an email marketing funnel that leads from my free gift to the new product I created. Now I am going to launch and start advertising on Facebook … and I’m looking forward to being a part of The Coaches Console for the rest of my life. You folks have really nailed it and I feel very blessed that you have.

~ Thomas J Thole

How can you join The Coaches Console?


Not only can The Coaches Console take care of all the key back office processes of your practice for you, we also have a signature program that teaches you all about it! Doors to our Coaching Business System program and Coaching Business Rocket Fuel program open twice a year.

Read what our students say about the Coaching Business System program:

Yliana Tuck

I Signed My First Paying Client Coming As A Result Of The TCC Emails/Networking

My celebration is that yesterday I signed my first paying client coming as a result of the TCC emails/networking, for my low cost offer, a 30 day nervous system reset challenge starting on Jan 1 2024. Also 4 prior clients approached me yesterday expressing interest in joining my new 12-week group coaching program.

~ Yliana Tuck
Nicky Menakaya

I Now Have The Clarity To Progress.

Had the milestone 3 coaching call with Carol Williams, my coach, am thrilled that within a short time, few minutes basically, I have a framework for my coaching business. Thanks very much Carol, I now have the clarity to progress.

~ Nicky Menakaya
Heather Fischbuch

A Template For Building Online Courses Just Made My Life So Much Easier, Better, Fantabulous!

Oh my goodness Module 8 is what I have been waiting for - with out knowing it was even included in the course! A template for building online courses just made my life so much easier, better, fantabulous! Historically I have been pretty good at winging it. (Fake it til you make it anyone?? ) Yet the structure and systems supporting my learning journey, and my waiting students and clients journey, on this platform is so appreciated. I just wish I had found this program a few years sooner!

~ Heather Fischbuch
Sunya Williams Folayan

2024 Will Be My Best Year So Far Due To The Foundation That We Are Building In This Program.

I had a discovery call today with a woman who reached out from my new business letter. I had a straightforward talk with myself when I sent out that letter and decided to raise my prices. This woman will be signing up for my signature package paying the balance in full January 1, 2024! I know 2024 will be my best year so far due to the foundation that we are building in this program. I am very grateful.

~ Sunya Williams Folayan
Fernanda Serrano Thompson

I Got A New Client!!!

Had to share that from my update business letter, I got a new client!!! Carol Williams thank you for teaching me how to celebrate the moment and keeping me on track!

~ Fernanda Serrano Thompson
Brenda Kaminsky

Bam This Works!!!

Soo, celebrating that since I sent out my letter I have booked 3 clarity calls and 2 clients who have booked a session and want to work with me (and I have 3 more to follow up on). ( whoo hoo) We are starting with an intro session and they are aware that I have a 6-session package to follow .. and .. One is confirmed to work with me on a 6-session VIP 1:1 package! Bam this works!!!

~ Brenda Kaminsky
Michael Bourland

Thank You To All Of The Coaches Console/Coaching Business System Leadership And Support Team Members!!!

I spent 6 months and thousands of $$ trying to figure it all out with other programs and software and the CC and the CBS process are making it a reality in just the first 6 weeks.


~ Michael Bourland
Dave Razo

CBS Is Wonderfully Organized And A Great Value.

The CBS is the best I've seen, and I have seen a lot of different "systems." CBS is wonderfully organized and a great value. It provides the support, technical, emotional and educational support that I needed it getting my online business rolling. It focused on making consistent progress, even with a sense of urgency, while giving myself grace through the tough challenges. Give it a try, it has what is needed by anyone starting an online business.

~ Dave Razo
Harry Shuttleworth

This Isn’t Like Anything You’ve Had Before.

I landed my first client using the Coaches Console system!!!... Melinda's message of "you get what you tolerate" finally pushed me over the edge - I held strong, had the call, then nearly fell off my chair when the fee for 6-months of coaching turned out in my PayPal account 2 hours later!

This isn’t just an online course or a new bolt-on for your business - this isn’t like anything you’ve had before.

It’s a course, it’s coaching, it’s a community, it’s knowing that your coach is there whenever you need them, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s then every single conceivable thing you could possibly need to run your business all in one place. As a whole package, it’s the only thing out there like it.

~ Harry Shuttleworth
Bettina Gonzalez

CBS Is Worth The Investment.

CBS is worth the investment. You will be investing in the success of your business and in your own success as a person and as a professional.

~ Bettina Gonzalez
Carol Marak

CBS Kicked Off The Whole Domino Effect Of Learning Business Strategies And So Much More!

Awaken the sleeping lion inside and check out the coaching business. Because I promise you, the process Melinda offers truly will assist you in gaining clarity. And that clarity just might launch the biggest ideas you've ever had. I'm telling you, that's what it's done for me. Plus, I've received the most support in this process that I've ever experienced anywhere. Truly.

Module 8 really cleared up all confusion for me about "where to begin and how to think through what I want my clients to learn, what they should learn, and finally, what I want them to walk away with." If I had any doubts, confusion, or questions about training, coaching or mentoring - this module CLEARED it all up for me. Thank you for Module 8!!!!

I'm proud of the confidence the process has ignited and even today, my confidence of building a business has skyrocketed. CBS kicked off the whole domino effect of learning business strategies and so much more! It's amazing to look back on the past six months. Let's do a jig!

~ Carol Marak
Debbie Gill

The Efficiency Of The System Is One Of The Greatest Values I Have Benefitted From...

If you want to level up your coaching business, the Coaches Console it the one thing you need to invest in. You have support, training, and everything you need for your business is within reach. The efficiency of the system is one of the greatest values I have benefitted from, besides making heart-felt and lasting connections. You need to do this!

~ Debbie Gill
Samia Kornweibel

Thank You For Truly Seeing And Believing In Me And My Business.

I'm celebrating a terrific coaching session with Lori Wayne. Lori, thank you for your invaluable, supportive, wise, and fun support on my journey! Thank you for truly seeing and believing in me and my business.

I am most proud of how I got my energy, confidence and momentum back! I'd been spinning out a bit before I joined Rocket Fuel as I was so full of ideas and needed more accountability and support to put things into order and action. The CBS/Rocket Fuel program helped me do that.

I could see where I was and where I wanted to go on the Coaching Business Roadmap and the steps I needed to get there... now the program gave me access to the resources and support to actually get me to where I wanted to go without wasting any more time, money or energy. It was such a worthwhile investment and it's still paying dividends!

~ Samia Kornweibel
Shelley Page Baur

2 New Clients...

Wins: Moving forward with 2 new clients and a previous client with whom I have worked for 3 years.

~ Shelley Page Baur
Leah Gwangwa

Thanks To The Whole CBS Team For This Brilliant Product!

Going through implementation week one I found this gem from our genius Melinda Cohan:

"Train yourself to relax and perform the steps with efficient and effective precision. Train to relax, train to focus. Then, when you're relaxed and calm and need to move fast, you'll move like lightning."

"You’ll be a better coach. You’ll be a better business owner. You’ll leverage more opportunities around you."

This is exactly what I needed to hear, yet again! Thank you Melinda!

I tend to be intense and want to rush to the destination and this really calmed me right down!! So I am very grateful and celebrate having come this far despite all else!
Thanks to the whole CBS Team for this brilliant product!

~ Leah Gwangwa
Kerry Verdon

In Love With Melinda And The Amazing Program.

I am absolutely in love with Melinda and the amazing program. It is easy to follow, flows, in great order. I'm so excited to have the CBS and can't wait to have it fully operational.

Thanks for making life so BREEEEEZY for us.

~ Kerry Verdon
Diane Davis

Another Prospect...

Had another prospect from my 'business update' email schedule a clarity call for this coming Monday. Whoo Hoo. Just sharing with y'all.

~ Diane Davis
Debbie Gill

Enrolling A New Client At $4500...

Milestone Call #3 with Carol Williams was awesome. Celebrating enrolling a new client at $4500, which is my highest fee.

~ Debbie Gill
Sara Minsteris

Such A Great Program.

I am done with the program and I feel so good and accomplished. Finished Module 8 and both Bonus modules. Such a great program. My first goal was to create an entrepreneurial business process. Have a very good idea where I am going and what the next steps are. Second goal add new clients and create additional revenues.


~ Sara Minsteris
Adrienne Simmons

I LOVE My CBS, Operating It With Such Confidence As I Continue To Master Each And Every Function.

Thank you to Melinda Cohan and Sharon Dyer (my coach) and the CBS tech team for supporting my learnings during the 3 months I was enrolled in the program, only setting me up for success as I kept moving forward.

Shout-out to...

Melinda, your video clips were so easy to follow and understand. Those bite-sized lessons were enough to bring your point across allowing me to absorb the content prior to each lessons action tasks.

Marius-tech support, he was my 'tech' master and I the student. I could not have asked for a more patient teacher.

I can now say, I LOVE my CBS, operating it with such confidence as I continue to master each and every function.

Melinda you delivered exactly as you promised, a backend hub so easy to operate & manage allowing me to now focus on my love, my passion and God blessed gift, to be of service to others.

~ Adrienne Simmons
Taru Fisher

I Left Knowing I Can Enroll Clients.

I'm in love with Module 6, Lesson 1. I had so many good laughs, and insights, and left knowing I can enroll clients. I actually knew what the next steps were before they were talked about. It blew my mind!

~ Taru Fisher
Tarra Riley

I Feel More On Track To Continue The Work Necessary Going Forward.

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my coach Elizabeth White Bessey! She had gotten me through some difficult times in the past few months, and I feel more on track to continue the work necessary going forward. I'm super grateful for her.

~ Tarra Riley
MJ Hansford

Because Of The Coaches Console Program, I’m Sooo Excited, Encouraged And Ready To Evolve.

You guys are truly a “blessing” to the coaching industry! Although I am halfway through my certified coaching training program, because of the Coaches Console program, I’m sooo excited, encouraged and ready to evolve as a PHENOMENAL COACH who will be committed to my niche!!! Thank you for lifting me!

~ MJ Hansford
Ruth Burki

You Are Just So Special Bringing Out The Best In Us!

I woke up this morning (i.e. resurfaced from the depths of oblivion into reality) with a mega breakthrough filtering through to my conscious based on your genius question all those weeks ago ‘What is one piece of super hot wisdom you share with everyone and if you never saw them again you would want them to go away with this nugget’

After all these weeks agonizing over my free gift the structure, content, credibility, functionality, relevance everything and staying stuck with a missing link, it came to me, so simple a theme, an underlying message and yet you could write programs for it. So I am tweaking my report for the last time, delighted now with everything and super confident it will get people to sign up. Can’t wait to post it and see what you think. Just goes to show how program lessons go on long after it is over! You are just so special bringing out the best in us! Watch this space!

~ Ruth Burki
Camille Johnson

It Was The Best, Most Comprehensive Coaching Program Ever…

Everything in your program makes me confident that my business launch is finally going to be a reality, not just a thought. I am so glad I waited for this. My timing is perfect. It was the best, most comprehensive coaching program ever… so much more than I expected. Thank you, Melinda and Kate, for always being available and making each one of us feel so special!!!

~ Camille Johnson

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