Promoting The Coaches Console’s Software

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Promoting Coaches Console 365 days a year

Do you want to promote the software? That is wonderful! Promoting the Coaches Console software can happen all year round. Upon signing up as an affiliate, you will receive a unique referral partner/affiliate link. You will use this link to copy and paste onto your website resources page, promo emails, newsletters and other marketing materials that you use.


Tracking your contacts

Anyone who clicks on your referral partner link gets redirected to The Coaches Console website home page where they can learn more about and subscribe to the software. Even if they sign-up within three months after their first visit, their initial visit tells us they came from your referral and we track their purchase so you receive your commission.

Commission on software

Commission on software

If you refer a contact to The Coaches Console, and it’s the first time they purchase one of our memberships (regardless of which type of membership they choose), you will receive a one time “thank you” commission payment of $100! It’s never been easier to add revenue while empowering others to succeed in their practice!


Commission payments

As we provide free registration and a trial period for our software, affiliate commissions are processed after the first payment of the referred membership. This implies that you may receive your commission 3-4 months after your contact has signed up. For instance, if an individual registers in April, undergoes a 90-day free trial, and subsequently pays for the membership, the $100 commission for that referral will be disbursed to you shortly after the individual’s first payment.

All commissions are paid through PayPal.

Affiliate center

Affiliate center

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you will get access to our affiliate center that gives you all your personal and unique referral partner links. In that center, you can review active affiliate links, review your affiliate partner ledger, so you can see who has visited our site, and review your commissions. It’s just that simple.

Signing up as an affiliate

Signing up as an affiliate

Signing up as an affiliate is simple. At The Coaches Console we would love to know more about you and your business and how you would want to promote The Coaches Console. You can get that information to us by filling out this form.
Upon receipt of the form, our team will review it and contact you for the final steps to become an affiliate partner to The Coaches Console.