How can we help?


Do you offer a free trial?

When you sign up for any package, you’ll have 5 days of free access before your first billing date.

And when you log into your member’s area, you’ll find clear prompts that ask you to complete different tasks that will set your business up for success. Each time you complete a task, it will delay your next billing date by a set number of days.

This works even if you’ve been billed. For example, if you don’t complete any of the setup tasks before your initial 5 free days end, you’ll be billed at your package rate. Then let’s say you unlock 8 free days by watching 2 short videos that are waiting for you in the member’s area. That will delay your next billing date, adding 8 days to the duration of membership you just paid for.

You can keep this going and get up to 90 days of free access to your membership!

What packages do you offer?

The two packages we offer are: The Core Console System at $197/month or the Total Console system at $297/month. The key difference between the two is the Total Console includes the Shopping cart and the Course & Content Delivery modules.


Is a website included with the system?

Yes, if you use the website template that comes with your Console System it comes with a domain name. Now, keep in mind that the URL assigned to your website would be a subdomain so it would look something like this example: http://mycoachingbiz.coachesconsole.com - some of our members use that URL as is (and they don't have any domain name fees, hosting fees, etc). Other members choose to keep their registered domain name and then "point" or "redirect" it to their Console URL. Either works just as great!

Can I deliver my video recordings through The Coaches Console?

Yes. You would create private secure pages to house (and protect) not only your webinar recordings, but also the teaching content that goes along with those recordings and your participants can login to access that content. You can then also set up autoresponders to drip access to the secure content by modules at a time.

Does your system host webinars?

No, we do not host the actual webinars, you would need to use an outside source for this. For instance we use GoToWebinar and Zoom for all of our webinars. What you can do is add the webinar recordings to private pages and courses you create in your system.

Does the system integrate with LeadPages or other similar platforms?

Yes. It’s easy to create a Custom Opt In form in your Console System that you can then insert into your Leadpages page. We even have a video tutorial showing you how and where to click in your Leadpages account.

Does The Coaches Console offer a way for me to work with affiliates?

Currently there is not an affiliate module incorporated into our shopping cart. What you can do is create unique products,or opt-in forms, for each affiliate so you can track sales, but the system does not track commissions

Can I host my Blog on your system?

Coaches Console is not a blog - you would want to use an external website for your blog page so folks can follow you and post comments. Then you would link it to your Console site as a menu or as a side action item where people can follow your blog.

Can I sync my existing calendar with The Coaches Console?

We offer a variety of sync options with multiple calendar types. For example a 2-way sync with your Google Calendar, or a 1-way sync with other calendars such as iCal and Outlook. Our Support Center has detailed instructions on how to create these syncs, and our Support Team is available to help you with this as well.

Does The Coaches Console provide me with an email address?

We do not provide you with an email address, you would need to set this up with a provider. If you have an external website, or domain name, then you can use the same provider to host your email address. The Coaches Console sends and stores communications to your contacts in the name of the email address you provide.


How does The Coaches Console compare to Infusionsoft?

While Coaches Console and Infusionsoft overlap, there are key distinctions between both platforms. Infusionsoft is ideal for coaches as they evolve their business and begin to get into more intricate and savvy marketing strategies; such as split testing, if/then campaigns and so on. Typically we see coaches, as they cross the 5000 mark in their contact list or begin to embark on the 6 figure mark in their business finding it ideal to layer in Infusionsoft with their Console System. And while The Coaches Console Technology supports a lot of basic marketing for start up coaches to help them build their list quickly, The Coaches Console also handles other aspects of your business as well - such as, online scheduling, client data, private client member’s site, course and content delivery, client agreements, etc. Everything is managed in one system. So you would start out with Coaches Console and then layer in Infusionsoft as your marketing evolves.

How does The Coaches Console compare to Kajabi, Keap, ClickFunnels, Calendly and other online platforms?

While the other platforms are great at what they do, The Coaches Console offers everything you need to start and run your business in one platform.
For example, ClickFunnels is great at Lead and Sales Funnels, Kajabi is great at selling and delivering Online content, and Keap is great at marketing, these are all separate platforms that you would need to purchase. But in your business you still have to:

  • -create landing pages (opt in pages, registration pages, sales pages) to collect the leads, make it easy for people to buy
  • -offer products to sell on line (so you can easily include buy now links in the emails that Keap sends out) with a Shopping Cart
  • -provide a confidential and safe place where you can interact with your clients using a private client portal (sharing resources, where they can ask you questions) - and doing so NOT using email or google docs that are unreliable and not confidential
  • -organize any content you need to share with your 1-1 clients or in group programs or as part of online courses that you want to launch
  • -provide client agreements for 1-1 clients so they can easily accept online

Coaches Console does all of those things in one platform. And the integration of each of those elements working together is where you free up your time and energy - you're not having to manage as many tech platforms and making them all talk to each other.

Getting started

Do you have any templates that I can use?

Yes, over 30 templates, documents, forms, autoresponders and resources have been added to your Console System for you to use as is and or tweak to meet your needs.

How long will it take to set up my system?

This answer really depends on you, and how tech comfortable you are, and how much time you have to dedicate. Like anything else, setting up a business takes some time and work. So while it takes a bit to get set up, in the long term a lot is automated for you. With that being said, the average setup time is anywhere between a couple weeks, to a few months. Again, it depends on the time you can dedicate to this.

Is my website live? How do I hide it until I’m ready?

When you sign up for your Coaches Console System, your website is indeed live immediately. That being said, since your site is a sub-domain, the URL is unique and not associated with you until you set it up. You are able to hide your pages and menus while you are working on them, and then make them available again when ready.


Can this platform be used with a 2 coach company or with a team of coaches?

It really depends on what your business model is. If you just offer group coaching programs, etc then it's possible. The thing that makes the difference is the calendar because it only lets you book one appointment in any given slot. So for example, Melinda and Kate are a two coach company and they each have their own Console system so they can freely schedule their own client appointments without worrying about overlap.
The Coaches Console has been intended to support a single coach running and managing their own stand alone business using one Console System to manage their set of prospects and clients. As we're seeing more and more coaching practices become successful and growing a team of coaches, we too are expanding the capabilities and functionalities of The Coaches Console to support this need.
Our programming team has begun the development process to build this out and at this time, we do not have any specific date or timeframes for the release of this multi-coach version as we have just begun this process.

Do you train and certify coaches?

No, we do not train coaches. We help coaches build, or scale, their business.

Is The Coaches Console GDPR compliant?

Yes, we have implemented everything needed for your system to be GDPR compliant, and we provide you with detailed instructions on what you need to do in your system.

How does The Coaches Console work if I live in another country?

Everything in your Console that your prospects and clients see is customizable so you can customize it to be whatever language you want or need it to be in.

Are there any limits to the amount of content, or the number of contacts, I can have in my system?

There are no limits on the amount of content (pages, documents, forms, courses, etc) that you can have in your system, and there is a limit of 10,000 contacts.